Don’t Eat That – Eat This


Pasta is the cornerstone of many people’s diet and that’s hardly surprising. Quick to cook, enjoyable to eat and filling, pasta ticks lots of nutritional boxes. On the down side, pasta is a fairly refined carbohydrate and too many carbs can interfere with your efforts to lose fat. Replace the pasta in your bolognaise with thinly sliced cabbage. As odd as this may sound, the texture is not that dissimilar and you can have a huge quantity of this filling faux-pasta as it’s virtually calorie-free. Just boil it for a couple of minutes, steam it or sauté – it takes even less time to cook than real pasta.


Keeping our Italian theme going, lots of people enjoy pizza but the combination of lots of cheese, fatty meats and refined wheat means that pizza is a belly bomb waiting to explode! The combination of refined carbohydrates and fat means that a traditional pizza is ideal for converting to body fat and I know you don’t want that. I suggest you replace the base with a three to four egg omelette and choose lean toppings like tuna, turkey, chicken or low fat cheese. Go heavy on the vegetables and you have an almost perfect meal for fat loss but with the great taste of pizza. It’s not going to compete with a big pizza with all the toppings but it’s certainly better than not having pizza at all.

Fish and Chips

The great British classic is by no means unhealthy but it is packed with calories and contains the dreaded fat and carb combo. Fish is an important source of essential nutrients while potatoes provide vitamin C, fibre and other important such healthy things. Tossing the whole lot in a deep fat fryer is not such a good idea though. Instead, why not grill your fish and make sweet potato oven-baked wedges instead? Sweet potatoes are even more nutrient-rich and grilling your fish means that you keep the protein but lose the fat. Grilled fish and baked sweet potato wedges mean that fish and chips need never be completely off the menu.

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