Fitness myths: Bodybuilders shouldn’t eat whole eggs

This is pure fiction. Everybody knows that eggs are without a doubt one of the best natural protein sources and an invaluable food product for optimal muscle growth. But, do we risk damaging our health if we overeat them? It has been suggested that consuming too many egg yolk has the potential to increase the likelihood of developing cardiac-related issues because of their high cholesterol content. It is precisely for this reason that many bodybuilders get rid of the yolks, believing that eating only the whites is much healthier instead of eating the whole egg? Is this really true?

The truth

The daily recommended dose of cholesterol for an adult male is around 300mg. One yolk has around 450mg, which means that eating one or more whole eggs a day will definitely have a bad impact on your health, right? Well, not really, Egg yolks have high levels of dietary cholesterol, which is very different from the blood cholesterol which is related to increased risk of developing atherosclerosis or getting a heart attack.

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The truth is that instead of being harmful, the cholesterol found in whole eggs can actually be quite beneficial. Several studies have shown that egg yolks are rich in the B-complex vitamin choline, which is an essential nutrient soluble in water, which some nutrition scientists believe that it improves neurological function and reduces inflammation.

So, to put an end to this endless debate, this is most certainly a myth. If you’re a bodybuilder you don’t have to eliminate whole eggs out of your diet completely, but don’t go overboard either by filling up on five-egg omelets 3 times a day.

Why You Shouldn’t Throw Away The Egg Yolk

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