Five Simple, Healthy and Delicious High Protein Snacks

When it comes to everyday life, as high a percentage as one on three people do not eat enough healthy foods during the day, therefore missing out on vital nutrients. Instead, they usually grab foods on-the-go which are full of sugars, saturated fats, sodium etc.

We know full-well just how difficult it can sometimes be to eat healthily, particularly during the day, if you happen to be at work, school, or just generally out and about.

Take protein for instance. Protein is essential for the growth and repair of our muscle tissue, as well as many more vital bodily functions on top of that. Despite this however, many people are simply not getting enough protein in their diets, and once again, their health is suffering.

When you think of high protein foods, what do you think of? Many of you will now be thinking about skinless chicken breasts, red meat such as steak, eggs, and seafood and fish. Whilst these foods are often delicious, are great sources of protein and good for us, they aren’t the most convenient of foods. If you’re at work for instance, and only have a set amount of time to eat, you can’t simply whip out some chicken, grill it up, and eat a nice chicken stir fry. Instead, you need a healthy, high protein snack. In this article, we’ll be looking at just five of the most delicious and beneficial high protein snacks you could ever wish for.

1. Cottage cheese and various fruit – Cottage cheese may not look appealing, but it tastes pretty darn nice, is high in protein, and when combined with fruit, makes for a pretty balanced and substantial snack, that will keep your metabolism and muscles fueled for hours upon hours. Half a cup of natural cottage cheese, contains around 100 calories, and a whopping 16 grams of protein. For a bit of variety, plus a few added calories and vitamins, why not mix it with diced fruit such as pineapple.

2. Tuna sandwiches – When it comes down to snacking, the sandwich reigns supreme. Sandwiches can be prepared in advance, and stored in a fridge overnight, allowing you to prepare your dinner, or just a snack, the night before, so you’re ready to go the next day. Whether you’re working, or simply just having a day out, sandwiches are the ultimate convenience food. For a healthy, high protein snack, why not whip up a tuna salad sandwich. Use wholemeal bread to make it even healthier. If you require a little more moistness, then try to use a low calorie dressed or condiment. Tuna is one of the highest protein sources in the entire world.

3. Beef Jerky – People seem to think that beef jerky is a junk food, as it is often sold in sections next to junk food such as chips. In actual fact, it is packed full of natural protein. Beef jerky is made from dried beef, often with no extra additives whatsoever. It can be eaten out of the bag, like you would with chips, or it is available in bar form.

4. Yoghurt with almonds and berries – If you’re not too keen on meat, then worry not, because there are still healthy, vegetarian friendly protein sources available. Take natural yoghurt for instance. This is considered to be extremely healthy, especially if you opt for the fat-free variety. Simply grab a pot, add some mixed nuts, almonds for example, scatter them in, and add a few mixed berries. You now have a perfectly healthy, balanced, high protein snack. This snack works especially well in the morning, for people who may not have time to prepare a large breakfast. To save on some calories, simply leave out the mixed berries.

5. Fresh cheese and turkey roll ups – If you use fresh, natural turkey, purchased from a deli, that has not been processed or had anything added to it, this snack will be even healthier. Simply take a couple of pieces of a low fat cheese, Swiss for example, and then simply wrap the cheese up with the turkey, until it forms a tight cylindrical shape. Store them in a suitable container, and then when you’re ready, simply eat them the same way that you’d eat a bar. Turkey is naturally low in fat, and high in protein, and if you use a low fat cheese, also high in protein, this will be one of the most convenient and highest protein snacks you could ever hope for.

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