Foods That Burn Fat

Honestly, there are no foods that really burn fat. Fat loss is achieved with exercise and eating less calories than the body burns in a given period of time. However there are foods that will keep your metabolism increased for long periods of time. The longer the metabolism is increased, the more calories your body will burn. Looking from this point of view, there are foods that help the fat loss process.

When it comes to foods that increase metabolism, animal protein probably takes the top position because it takes very long time for the body to break it down and digest it. On the bottom of the list are the simple carbohydrates that have the highest glycemic index. The list of foods would look like this:

1. Simple carbs – the body needs very little time to digest them and they make a rapid increase in Insulin levels.
2. Complex carbs
3. Unsaturated Fats
4. Saturates fats
5. Fibrous Carbohydrates –  fruits and vegetables
6. Dairy Protein
7. Animal Protein – longest time of digestion and small Insulin increments

So what are some of the top foods you can eat when trying to shed excess body fat :

– Seed, Nuts, Avocado – They are all high in unsaturated fats, vitamins and fiber.A number of studies have shown that unsaturated fats support fat loss and prevent muscle loss. Seeds and nuts are also a great source of protein.

– Fruits and vegetables – they are low in calories, contain lots of fiber and will keep you satisfied longer than plain carbohydrates.

– Animal protein – Lean beef, pork, chicken and eggs all contain high percent of protein that will build muscle and burn fat.Beef and pork also contain creatine.

– Fish – besides the high percent of protein, the fish is rich in unsaturated fats ( omega-3 and omega-6 ). Like we mentioned unsaturated fats are known to promote fat loss and muscle growth.

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