How to Design Your Nutrition Plan for Monstrous Muscle Mass


Experiment No. 7

Eat dietary fiber. Fiber is a nutrient that is going to help you gain muscle rather indirectly. The role of fiber is to help with the digestion and absorption of foods. Consuming more fiber is especially important when we are on a high calorie diet. Try eating about 4-5 portions of fibrous foods during the day. Good sources of fiber include vegetables, oats, beans, brown rice, berries, seeds and nuts.

Experiment No. 8

Drink enough water. About 75% of our body is water. If your goal is to gain muscle, you need to be well hydrated, because muscles get bigger, heavier and stronger when they are loaded with water. Water also helps the digestion process. Try to drink about 3-5 liters of water a day when you are trying to gain mass.

Experiment No. 9

Use supplements. Lots of people make one of the two supplement mistakes – they either count too much on them and don’t eat enough, or they don’t use them at all. When your diet is in check, the supplements can be that last 10%-15% of strength or size that you need to look great. Using supplements such as protein powders, creatine, BCAA, glutamine and fish oil can make a dramatic change in your appearance in a few months. Just remember that supplements are supplements – an addition to your diet. They should not replace your food.

Here is an example of how your meals should look like during your muscle gaining phase:

Meal 1

1 cup of oats
4 whole eggs
120 grams of chicken breasts
1 apple

Meal 2

50g of nuts
30g of fruits

Meal 3

200g of red meat
2 slices of brown bread
100g of steamed vegetables

Meal 4 (before the workout)

25g of whey protein
50g of carbs

Meal 5 (after the workout)

50-60g of whey protein
50g of simple carbs

Meal 6

200g of meat
a small potato or a cup of brown rice
green salad

Meal 7

25 grams of casein with water

So gaining muscle is not rocket science, but you have to be consistent, determined and able to eat sufficient quantity of calories and macro-nutrients. Like I said, all of this looks pretty simple on a piece of paper, but the real test starts as soon as you start eating.

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