The Dragon Flag

The dragon flag is an advanced movement with many benefits named after Bruce Lee who used it during his days of glory to build rock hard abs. While nothing targets the entire midsection like the dragon flag, this move is a lot harder than it looks – keeping your body in the air and performing the whole movement in a controlled movement requires a great deal of core strength, so you should have acquired a certain level of strength before you try this exercise. Also, expect to experience extreme soreness in the abdominal area the next day. Nevertheless, with the right tips, anyone can achieve a chiseled midsection with the help of dragon flags, so let’s roll!

Dragon flags are usually performed after the workout. They are a seriously powerful movement and full recovery between sets is a must in order to give an all out effort with each attempt.

Begin by bracing hard on a bench or hard surface with the arms locked in a fixed position. Start with the eccentric portion of the exercise, which is the lowering of the body. Form a straight line with your torso and legs, then slowly start lowering down but not allowing any body part except the upper back to touch the bench. Be prepared to be only able to lower slightly below vertical the first few times. Ideally, you should lower your body until it’s right above the bench. Rise back up, maintaining a straight line with the whole body and avoid bending at the waist. Focus on doing the movement as tightly as possible, aiming for perfect form and control.

In order to get real results from this exercise you need quality, not quantity.

If you’re more of a visual learner, check out this video:

If performing the whole movement is too much for you at the moment, simply perform only the negatives by lowering as slowly as possible, dropping your feet onto the bench and then raising yourself back up to the original position. Keep on practicing until you achieve a full execution with proper form. Don’t give up because this exercise is your best shot at building a killer core!

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