The landmine deadlift – the fix for improper deadlift form

Speaking of bodybuilding pains and gains, how’s your deadlift form?

If you’re like most guys out there, it nowhere near perfect and your back is actually starting to hurt a bit as you struggle with your technique. Good news – we have an amazing solution for this common problem, and it’s guaranteed to help you achieve some perfect reps and big gains. Yes, we’re talking about the landmine deadlift.

The landmine deadlift is a fantastic deadlift variant because it gives you the ability to progress the weight as far as your grip allows. In addition, it’s a lot harder to screw up this exercise because the weight has to be put down exactly where you picked it up after completing a rep. It can’t migrate forward and cause you to lose tension in the back, which means that you don’t have to worry about maintaining proper form and reaping back pain if you are not able to do so.

And since the path the bar follows in a landmine deadlift enables you to keep your spine more upright, the risk of back injury shrinks even further. This baby will teach your body to stop bending at the lower back and improve your conventional deadlift form rather effortlessly. And considering the unpleasant and stubborn consequences of backache caused by improper form, who doesn’t want to become able to lift safely and effectively in the shortest period of time possible?

Ready to give it a go? Here’s how to do the landmine deadlift right:

  • Load the sleeve of a barbell into the cylinder of a landmine unit. Then go at the opposite end of the bar and load its sleeve with weight.
  • Stand with feet shoulder-width apart and bend at the hips. Bend your knees as needed until you can grasp the sleeve, maintaining a flat lower back. Place both your hands underneath the bar, one in front of the other and create tension in your lats by squishing your armpits.
  • If you notice that you can’t keep your back flat, reduce the distance between yourself and the weight a little bit.
  • Take a deep breath, twist your feet outward and drive your heels through the floor, then extend your hips and lift the bar up.
  • Repeat!

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