Blow Up Your Chest With the Landmine Chest Press

A well developed chest is a must-have for a symmetrical, balanced upper body musculature. We’ve all noticed that having a weak chest is as detrimental to the overall appearance as having a weak back – almost no one could admire a guy who sports pumped arms and chiseled abs with a relatively flat chest seated in the middle.

For a wholesome impressive physique, your chest should be your key upper body attribute that brings everything together. One of the crucial things in bodybuilding is evening out your progress.

We get it – big ripped arms are a man’s greatest pride, but if you have been doing isolation exercises for the arm muscles for too long, maybe it’s time to reconsider your training routine and give your chest a bigger piece of the action!

Pectoral muscles can be a bit resistant and hard to grow, but hey, they’re the upper body’s royalty. Even when they are covered up with clothes, they send a strong message of superior masculinity and power. If you really want to create a jaw-dropping effect when you walk into the gym, you need to put some effort into making them stand out and the rewards will be truly amazing.

We’re sure your first idea would be doing tons of barbell and dumbbell presses, and that’s a great start but after a while, doing the same old routine will bring your progress to a stall.

Remember that muscles need to encounter different stimuli in order to be challenged to continually grow, so make sure you spice things up by including some new movements once in a while. Throwing in some dumbbell flyes is not enough – let’s talk about really going outside of the box with an exercise like the landmine chest press.

This powerful movement can be exactly the kick your pecs need to trigger some great gains. Landmine equipment allows a variety of exercise for a full-body workout, but most importantly, it can provide some intense work for the chest.

Landmine Press Muscles Worked

The landmine press targets primarily your chest, front deltoids and triceps. Depending on the angle between yourself and the barbell (how much you are leaned towards the barbell), the landmine press will work more your chest or your shoulders. The landmine chest press variant, where you are slightly more upright positioned, works mainly the upper and inner chest.

Exercise Execution

– Grab the bar with both hands right at the end
– Put your hands together to create a solid base
– Slightly leaning towards the bar start pushing it away from you
– During the whole time keep the chest tight, elbows tucked in together and shoulders back.

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