4 Reasons to Workout With Your Partner

Scientific studies finally confirm what many fitness enthusiasts had discovered long ago: couples who sweat together, stay together! Recent studies have confirmed that working out with a partner can spur better results than training solo. Exercising in tandem releases feel-good endorphins in your brain that can affect your experience and performance in numerous positive ways. How?

You’ll share an “exercise” high that can simulate exercise motivation, increase enjoyment and improve your physical gains from the workout, be it weight loss, increasing muscle mass or building strength and endurance.

But that’s not the end of it. Other studies have found that exercising with your partner also leads to a healthier and happier relationship in more than one way. It can increase accountability, build trust, keep spirits high and make everything more fun. And as Derek Peruo of Peak Performance puts it: “By working out as a couple, you can face the challenge together through positive reinforcement.”

Here are some of the many relationship benefits you can reap from working out with your significant other!

#1. Improve Communication

Good, effective communication is the foundation of any healthy relationship, and it’s a crucial criteria of success when dealing with interpersonal misunderstandings and conflicts. But learning how to communicate well in stressful situations isn’t something you can do by reading a book or two – this particular skill requires plenty of practice to master, and what better environment to practice it in than the gym?

Training is a rather stressful situation, as when it’s done correctly, it’s based on pushing your limits a bit further on every training session. When training in tandem, you and you can help each other train in a safe and effective way by, let’s say, preventing a loaded barbell from crashing down on your partner’s head, providing feedback on their squat form or motivating them to push out those last two reps.

In this way, training together can be an amazing opportunity to strengthen your communication and learn to provide support in stressful situations!

#2. Strengthen Your Emotional Connection

Emotional connection is a type of deep bonding with another human being and achieving a level of intimacy and security in that person’s presence, and it’s basically one of the major components of love. Conflict often arises when emotional connection weakens and then this worsens things even further.

One of the science-proven ways to naturally strengthen emotional connection is by utilizing a phenomena known as nonverbal mimicry, a tendency of people to take over each other’s posture and behaviors. Psychology studies have shown that nonverbal mimicry helps people feel more emotionally connected with one another and enjoy happier relationships.

When you work out together, you create a context in which you can coordinate your actions. By making parallel efforts to achieve shared goals, and offering mutual encouragement in the process, working out together can significantly deepen emotional attunement and improve intimacy between two partners. Studies show that after jointly participating in an exciting physical activity, couples report feeling more satisfied with the relationship and feeling more energetic and in love with their partner!

#3. Develop Your Dependability

Trust must be earned, and it’s earned by being dependable, or trying your best to deliver on your promise once you’ve told your partner that you will do something. Dependability enhances communication and brings stability to a relationship, thus making it more mature.

When you and your partner share similar fitness goal and couple up to reach them, there is a shared responsibility that will help you give each other that extra push on constant basis. If you are working out with someone special, they will hold you accountable. You will be less inclined to skip a workout when you’re tired, knowing that the other person is relying on you for your part of a shared commitment. This can be a much welcomed kick in the b**t that will motivate you, as well as increase mutual respect and trust.

#4. Spending Quality Time Together

Thanks to our hectic modern lifestyles, we tend to spend less and less quality time with the people we care about. When everything is a part of a tight schedule, the opportunities to simply enjoy the moment become incredibly rare. On the other hand, let’s face it, the activities you used to enjoy doing as a couple can become a bit boring and stale after a while.

But you always can break the mold by trying out something new together. And what can be better than an activity that allows you to continually challenge yourself and share that experience with your partner?

In the very least, it will be a major stress relief for both of you! Making the gym a mutual habit will help you get out of your comfort zone, help you feel both more relaxed and energized, and provide an opportunity to have fun with your partner while also building a stronger body and mind – and you can be 100% sure that these awesome benefits will spill to every other area of your life!

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