4 Training Techniques For Building A Bigger Chest

Many bodybuilders find the chest very hard to build.Sometimes even consistency in the gym, proper nutrition and rest won’t get you the results you expect.If this is the case then there are a few techniques you can try in order to build a bigger and rounder chest.

Eccentric lifts

The only way your chest will become bigger is by becoming stronger.When you stretch the chest while lowering the weight, you create potential energy in the pecs.When you release the stretch as you begin to lift the weight, that energy is transferred to the contracting muscle fibers.
You can use a spotter that will push the bar as you lower it or you can use elastic bands for this technique.

Explosive lifts

When performed with light to moderate weight, explosive lifts will activate more fast twitch fibers in you chest.Explosive lifts will also build strength and power because you only push the weight and you don’t use your energy to slow down the bar on its way down.You can use ballistic bench press for explosive reps.Right after your regular bench press set, go to the smith machine and do 5-6 ballistic reps.You should use around 50-60% lighter weight for the explosive reps.

Push the bar off your chest as fast as possible, letting it go at the top.As you catch it on its descent, immediately move into the next rep by bringing the bar to your chest and exploding back up.

Max out reps

This is probably the best known technique for building power and a bigger chest.The idea is to choose a weight that you can only lift 3-4 times and do just one or two reps.This set is followed by another set, but this time the weight is lower and reps are higher (8-10 reps). Doing only 1-2 reps with an extremely heavy weight forces your nervous system to recruit the maximal amount of muscle fibers in your chest.When you do the set with lighter weight, the nervous system still recruits the same amount of muscle fibers as for the heavy weight.This will make the weight much easier so you can get several more reps.

Partial repetitions

Partial repetitions are repetitions that stop short of the full range of motion.When doing press exercises for chest it is very likely that your triceps and shoulders will fail first and your chest will not get the stimulation it needs for new growth.By doing reps in the lower half of your full bench range of motion, you minimize the role of the triceps and shoulders and give your pecs a taxing set.
When you can no longer complete full reps continue with partial reps until you reach a complete muscular failure.Use this technique on your last set only and use a spotter.

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