5 Strength Tests Every Man Must Master In The Gym

More often than not, lifters get a bit too confident and comfortable with their routine and eventually end up stuck in a rut, because the reality is that if you want to keep making gains, you have to keep inventing new ways to challenge your muscles. And once in a while, you have to ask yourself are you as strong as you think you are?

There’s no room for ego in this game, so let’s get back to the basics. Here are 5 strength tests that can show you exactly where you stand in terms of strength and endurance.

Note of warning: these are designed only for guys who have experience with lifting heavy weights and should not be used as workouts.

Strength Tests Every Man Must Master In The Gym

1. Carry a Load Equal to Your Bodyweight in Each Hand

Have you noticed that load carrying is a great exercise for building real, functional power but people seem to avoid it because it can prove as too difficult? Too bad because this is one of the ultimate tests of strength. Grab two dumbbells that weigh as much as you do and try walking with them for 15 meters. There’s no better way to shatter your ego to pieces than this!

2. Squat Your Bodyweight for 50 Reps

Having a huge squat number is a classic way to impress people around you. Get under the bar and do 50 reps of deep squats with a weight that equals your bodyweight. Perform all reps in as less subsets as possible. No cheat reps.

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3. Deadlift Twice Your Bodyweight

Find out how many reps you can pull off with proper form in 30 minutes. Take as many rest-pauses as you like, but don’t forget that the clock keeps running. Focus on reaching a number you can brag about and avoid form breakdown.

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4. Bench Press Your Bodyweight for 3 Reps

If the bench press is your favorite exercise and you simply can’t wait for someone to ask you how much do you bench, this should delight you. Aim to complete 3 sets of 3 reps.

Needless to say, if you’re not at least 75% sure that you’ll make the lift, don’t even attempt it. But if you complete the challenge, go for two additional sets.

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5. Sprint For 10 Minutes (with short rests)

This is one of the best ways to test your leg strength. Run like you’re on fire for as 30-40 seconds, then have a short rest and go at it again, gradually increasing the sprint time on every interval. Complete 20 minutes with as little rest as possible.

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