5 Tricks to Look More Muscular Instantly

So, you’ve spent your time in the gym lifting those weights, and the truth is the results are showing. Yet, you’re still not truly satisfied. You want to accentuate your muscles and you want to do it fast. Well, you’re at the right place. In this article we’ll provide you with five tips for instant muscle boost, allowing you to show your body with pride. Try implementing them in your regime and see the magic at work.


Overloading your system with carbs s one of the most effective ways for providing your muscles with emphasis fast.

Your body transforms the carbs you are consume as glycogen storing them in your muscles.  This causes a large amount of water to flow in your muscles and as a result they pump up. However, bear in mind that this overload is more efficient in people whose daily intake of carbs is normally low (less than 1 gram per pound of bodyweight). So if you want to take advantage of the carbs overload prepare your body by depleting it from carbs before starting this process. After you’ve cleansed your body of carbs start consuming 4 grams of carbs per body weight one to two days before you want to boost up you muscles.

You can begin your day with fast-burning carbs, but switch to slow-burning carbs later during the day.

In this way you reduce the danger of storing the unused sugars as body-fat.


If you really want to emphasize your muscles it is crucial that you always stay hydrated. However, many studies have revealed that dehydration is very common problem among people and especially among the athletes. Don’t stumble on such a simple obstacle as it can be overcome most easily. Nothing solves this problem as drinking more water. After all, it’s not such a rare commodity. Consuming lot water can make your muscles look bigger.

On the other hand, lack of water in your body will reflect negatively on how your muscles look. Without sufficient amount they may deflate and look saggy.

So make sure that you always have water by your side no matter what you do. Optimally, you should consume at least one gallon daily, but you can go for more on really hard days.


One of the best known properties of creatine is that it make a lot of water go into the muscles, and as a result they grow rapidly.

You can start supplementing your body with creatine monohydrate through a working protocol.

However, this may take a while and if you want to see fast visible results, you need to use fast-acting form of creatine.


Many athletes don’t know that potassium is absolutely crucial for giving your muscles accentuated and better look. This important electrolyte  can often be found in sports drinks and can really help you look bigger.

Potassium is stored in the muscle cells and helps in pumping up your muscles by pulling water into them. As it was the case with the carbs, the effect of increased potassium levels can be seen after a short period of deprivation.

If your diet is rich in fruits, chances are that you are already receiving sufficient amounts of potassium and you’ll have little problems with its supplementation. Consume 500-1,000 mg of potassium supplements with your food.


When you have excess amount of water in your body you can appear swollen. You can solve the problem of removing the excess water and achieve shredded look by using fat burners that are available on the market. On the plus side, they will also melt the stubborn fat layers around the waist.

Fat burners also have other benefits when it comes to accentuating your muscles. They boost your metabolism making you burn more calories, keep your energy levels up, reduce stomach bloating and kill your appetite.

So, if you are looking for an aid in improving your looks fast, making your body look shredded, fat burners can provide you with what you need.

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