6 Techniques to Build Your Dream Physique Fast

If you’ve been training more than a year you’ve probably noticed that the gains you were putting on at the beginning are starting to slow down, and maybe even stop.

That’s not to say that you’re not practicing enough, or that your training method is not as it should be. The reason for this is that your body has adapted to the training method. Consequently, you also need to adapt your training, forcing your body to play along. One of these changes might be increasing the intensity of the workout. Here we are going to present you 6 ways to increase the intensity of training, prompting the muscle growth.

You can choose to incorporate some of them in your workout. If you are just starting the bodybuilding journey we recommend using one of them in your workout. However, if you’ve been in this game for some time now and you want bigger and better results, you should consider incorporating several of them, until you get in a stage when you can do all six of them.

1. Negative Reps

You can invest more energy during the eccentric portion of the rep than during the concentric portion of the rep. Find a partner that will help you in lifting the weights, so that you can concentrate on lowering them. If you are fresh in bodybuilding, then we recommend doing full set of negatives. If you’re advanced player, do 3 to 5 negative reps at the end of the last set.

2. Partial Reps

Partial reps allow you to continue with the set while targeting a specific part of the muscle. Let’s take the cable curls for example. When you introduce a half cable curl you specifically target the peak of the biceps. If you choose this intensifying method, do 3-5 partial reps in the last set of your exercise.

3. Pauses

Pauses can also be used for intensifying your training. For example, when you do a two second pause in the middle of the rep, you play down the momentum, taking full advantage of the time spent under tension, and recruiting more muscle fibers. The pauses can be introduced in the last 2-4 reps of your exercise.

4. Supersets

When you do a superset, you perform two exercises in a row with as little rest as possible between the exercises. We recommend that you choose exercises that focus on the same body part but from a different angle. For example, you can combine dumbbell flies with pushups. Do the second exercise till failure.

5. Dropsets

Dropsets involve reducing the weights after you’ve reached failure, so you can extend the set by doing additional reps. The reduction for each dropset is about 25-30%.

6. Flexing

For our last tip, we recommend you to introduce flexing in the last set of the exercise. You can do a variety of poses depending on the exercises. The important part is to keep your flexion for at least 15-20 seconds.

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