6 Training Tips For a Simply Shredded Physique

4. Short rest periods

Again, the researchers of the college of Ewing, New Jersey found out that about 50% more calories were burned when the rest periods between sets lasted about 30 seconds, opposed to 1 minute rest periods and longer. These is one of the reasons why circuit workouts are great for fat loss and conditioning.

5. Explosive reps

Explosive repetitions burn more calories than slow and controlled reps – say researchers from Ball State University, Indiana. They believe that fast twitch muscle fibers are less energy-efficient than the slow twitch ones and burn more energy during workouts. Try doing a few explosive sets on the big movements such as bench press, leg press, dumbbell rows, but use relatively light wight – about 40% of your 1RM.

6. Negative reps

Growth hormone is one of the most powerful hormones in the body. It has the ability to burn fat and slow down aging. In a recent study, scientists discovered that subjects doing a negative repetitions workout, managed to increase their growth hormone levels up to 40 times higher than their HGH levels before the workout. A negative reps workout requires that you load the bar with a weight that is about 10-20% heavier than your 1RM weight. With a help from a spotter slowly lower the weight, stretch at the bottom of the movement and get the weight back up.

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