7 Common Mistakes Holding Back Your Gains


4. Doing Too Much Cardio

Cardiovascular training keeps you fit and healthy. However, too much cardio can be counterproductive. The problem is that you’ll lose both fat and muscle. Additionally, your cortisol levels will increase, causing your body to store fat. Over time, you’ll burn fewer calories despite working out hard. Your body will adjust to exercise and hit a plateau.

HIIT and circuit training are more effective than regular cardio. A typical HIIT session lasts approximately 20 minutes and burns more calories than one hour of steady state cardiovascular training. The best part is that short, intense sessions increase your metabolism, so you’ll keep burning fat long after your workout is done.

5. Using Poor Form

Good form is vital for most exercises. If you fail to maintain proper form, you’ll end up with injuries. Your muscle and strength gains will be affected too. To get the most out of your workout routine, perform each move in a slow and controlled manner. Pay attention to your form when doing bicep curls, crunches, chest press, squats, lat pulldowns, and bent over rows. Maintain good posture and avoid explosive movements when lifting heavy weights, or in other words – leave your ego at the door.

6. Doing the Same Exercises

Many lifters pick a workout and stick to it for months and even years. If you haven’t mixed up your exercise routine for a long time, you’ve probably reached a plateau. Challenging your body with heavier weights will lead to muscle and strength gains. It’s important to keep your muscles guessing by adding new moves to your workout routine, increasing the number of reps, and trying new lifting techniques. Doing the same exercises over and over again will cause strength imbalances and poor progress.

7. Concentrating on a Single Body Area

Many newbies only train one or two muscle groups instead of working out the entire body. Training your biceps four times a week and neglecting your shoulders or legs can lead to muscle imbalances. It’s essential to think of your body as a whole. You can’t lose fat or build muscle by training a single body area. This is one of the most common mistakes among fitness buffs. If you want results, hit each muscle group once a week. Don’t train the same muscle more than once in 36 hours.

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