72-year Old Bodybuilding Champion From Germany Has Gone Viral

Heinz Werner Bongard is the new German sensation. He is 72-year old and is a multiple German champion and vice-champion in bodybuilding and a record holder in bench press.

When he was young, Heinz started boxing and wrestling. While being in the military in the sixties he began to develop a passion for weightlifting.


He is also a professional baker and up until going into retirement worked as the lead driver in a company for heavy goods transportation. He is married and has two daughters.

He sustained a specific injury to the musculoskeletal system and was the initial reason to start lifting weights. At first, he started with a specialized strength training program that was meant to be a part of his rehabilitation process to full health.

At 1.75 meters tall (5’7), he manages to have a quite impressive muscular physique of 160 pounds, even at that age.


At 61, he also managed to win the German Seniors Championships. Getting older does not deter him from his goals and he intends to keep getting stronger and stronger.

Heinz has become somewhat of a living legend for many, stubbornly defying old age and setting a magnificent example for seniors around the world that you can still achieve many things you set your mind to.



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