Bulking Up Intelligently: How to Build Lean Muscle Mass And Minimize Fat Gain



With regards to supplements, whey protein is going to be a useful addition as it means you can make every meal protein based even if it doesn’t contain meat, fish, eggs etc.

arnold schwarzenegger protein shake

2 bananas and a double dose of whey protein equals a meal where as one banana or just a single portion of whey protein does not.

Creatine is also very useful as it can help you train harder and recover faster form your sets and workouts. It can cause some water retention but this soon goes when you cease using it.

Fat burners may be beneficial as a pre-workout energiser but really aren’t what you need right now. Feel free to use them to give you an energy boost and on non-training days to keep your metabolism humming along but in reality, green tea extract and/or caffeine work just as well.

Omega three and omega six fatty acids may be a useful addition to your nutritional arsenal as they provide an easy way to add healthy fats to each meal.

Using our banana and whey protein shake meal outlined above, add in 3-5 grams of omega three and six oils and you have a very complete, lean muscle building meal.

Unlike traditional bulking, your aim is to minimize fat gain so keep a close eye on your weight and your waist measurements. If your weight is increasing but your waist measurement is staying stable then you know you have your calorific intake right. If your waist is also increasing along with your weight, reduce your food intake slightly to avoid getting fat.

Lean bulking takes time, persistence and self-control but the results will be worth it as you’ll look great and feel even better!

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