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How to Build Muscle – 7 Simple Rules To Build Muscle Fast

Muscle mass is what every bodybuilder is after. But building muscle is far from an easy task, especially when you are a drug free and not a genetic freak. In order to build muscle fast you will need discipline and devotion. Here are the 7 simple rules you should follow if you want to reach your goal faster.

1. Eat. If you are not a big eater and can’t handle large amounts of food at one sitting, you might consider eating more than 3 times a day in order to consume enough protein, carbs and fats. Keeping your system saturated with amino acids and glycogen is crucial if you want to gain muscle. Not eating enough protein and calories can lead to muscle tissue breakdown.

2. You should concentrate your training program around the compound movements, such as deadlifts, squats and presses. This means that you should lift heavy and work as many muscle groups as possible with as few sets as possible. Doing heavy, compound movements is the fastest way to build muscle.

3. Overtraining is the number one factor that prevents you from building muscle mass. As said before, do a short workout revolving mainly around the compound heavy movements. Don’t do 30+ “pump” sets. They do not  trigger muscle growth. Don’t train more than three days in a row. Besides your muscles, your CNS (central nervous system) has to recover. Rest more !

4. Eat or drink fast carbs and protein after your workout. Increasing insulin levels immediately after an intense workout promotes  protein synthesis.

5. Every five to six weeks either take a week off or reduce your weights by 50%. This will give your body and CNS time to recover.

6. You probably heard this a thousand times, but sleep is the second most important thing. This is the period your body to recover and release muscle building hormones such as Growth Hormone and Testosterone. You can eat all the protein in the world, but without at least 8 hours of sleep you won’t grow to your full potential.

7. Finally, don’t get over-excited about things and situations around you. Your body produces cortisol when exposed to stress. Cortisol is known as “The Stress Hormone” and it’s the number one cause for muscle breakdown as well as other harmful processes in your body.

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