How to Train for Dense, Hard Muscles VS Soft, Big Muscles

You’ve probably noticed that not all muscular guys sport the same physique. While there’re those whose muscles are hard and dense, others, although big, have softer muscles.

The way you look is generally determined by your genetics, dieting and type of training. And having in mind that most of you would probably opt for having firm and dense musculature rather than big and soft, we’re providing you with the training methods that will help you achieve this goal.


The sarcoplasmic growth is focused on increasing the muscle glycogen concentration, which results in drawing larger quantities of fluids within the muscle cells.  While this type of muscle growth is very fast and delivers visible results, it doesn’t make the muscles dense and firm.

As a result, you can often see big muscular man who can’t lift greater loads.

Although this type of training makes your muscles look big, they also look soft, especially when you have higher levels of body fat. But, if you want to utilize this growth, stick to 10 to 20 or more reps per set.

However, you should also have in mind that this type of growth is not permanent. As soon as you stop lifting, your muscles start to shrink losing their volume in just few days.


The myofibrillar hypertrophy focuses on making your muscle fibres bigger. Although this growth is not as fast, it results with great improvements in muscle strength.

And even though your muscles will not be as big as with the previous approach, they will always look strong and firm. This will give you a more defined and leaner appearance. If you want to achieve this type of hypertrophy, you should stick to 1-8 reps per set.

Another advantage of myofibrillar growth is that is more permanent. In other words, your muscles won’t start shrinking the moment you leave the gym.


The best approach would be to focus on myofibrillar growth in the beginning. This will help you in building solid base for future growth. You can always turn to sarcoplasmic hypertrophy later on, in order to emphasise those areas that are not as developed.

Another very important segment of your muscle development is your testosterone level. Without optimal testosterone levels you have small chances of achieving any type of muscle growth.

You can increase your testosterone production in several ways: hard training, good dieting and plenty of rest. Of course, you can also take testosterone booster.

Taking a testosterone booster will help you in building greater muscle mass and maintaining it. It will also help you get a leaner and firmer look. And as a plus, your s*x drive will improve. So, if you want to be serious about increasing your muscle mass, you need work hard on increasing your testosterone levels.

However, have in mind that not all testosterone boosters are good quality products. That’s why you need to be careful which product you’ll choose. Read the label and check the ingredients that it contains. Otherwise, you might end up just wasting your money.

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