Leave Your Ego Outside The Gym

A lot of trainees make the same mistake when they work out – they use weights that are too heavy for them to lift. Don’t get me wrong here, I’m an advocate of heavy lifting, “high weights – lower reps” is my favorite style of training and after all a stronger muscle is by some logic a bigger muscle. But heavy controlled lifting is one thing

and lifting by using a swinging motion and reduced range of motion is a completely other thing.

So many guys get caught up in these ego boosting-weight lifting competitions that go on in the gym every day. Even I was guilty of this bodybuilding “sin” at one time, but this is not the right way to build muscle. This way you only risk injuring yourself and you’ll only get minor results. Focus on your form instead of trying to “outlift” other people in the gym.

Pay attention to these advices when you lift weights if you want to get the best results and build muscle in the shortest time possible:

1. Lift Smart

Leave your ego at the door.Remember the only person you need to outlift is yourself. Don’t waste your time with how much the guy next to you is lifting.Progression is everything in this sport, or in other words, work towards beating your previous personal best lifts.Try to add small amounts of weight to the bar every couple of weeks.

2. Watch Your Form

Progression is the key when it comes to lifting weights but good form should go hand in hand with it. You can occasionally use cheat reps and other training techniques to surprise the muscles but not every day.If during lifting your form breaks – lower the weight and try again.

3. Full Range Of Motion

Full range of motion along with stretching at the end of the workout will help you get the maximum benefit of every exercise.Full ROM doesn’t mean that you should do your reps fast and bounce the bar of your body though.Controlled negative and explosive positive build muscle and strength.

And one final word –  Many trainees that wonder why they can’t build muscle have their training perfected but their diet is a mess.you cannot get stronger and build muscle if your diet is not in order.Pay attention to the amount of macro nutrients and calories you consume on daily basis.


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