Five-time Mr. Olympia Winner Phil Heath Reveals his Method for Building Gigantic Arms

3. Dips


Dips are perfect for building mass in the upper triceps, as long as you remember to keep your head up and your body as vertical as possible because if you lean too far forward, you’ll place more focus on your chest. In Heath’s experience, dips can be a great workout finisher after a heavy triceps routine. Add some variety by using a machine or performing the bench version from time to time.

4. Incline dumbbell curls


The great thing about dumbbell curls is that they work each arm independently, which allows for an optimally symmetrical development. “I also supinate, which means that I start with the dumbbells facing each other at the bottom, but as I bring them up, I start turning my wrists out so that by the time they are at the top, they’re in the standard curl position”, explains Heath.

5. Lying triceps extensions


Lying extensions allow you to go heavy while placing all of the workload on the tri’s. In this case Heath prefers the cambered bar since it places less stress on the joints. To provide a constant tension in the muscles, try keeping the bar slightly angled behind your head instead of holding it above your chest at the top. “Keep your elbows stationary to keep your delts out of the movement”, adds Heath. “Sometimes, afer reaching failure, I’ll do a few reps of close-grip bench presses with the same barbell to flush more blood into the muscles.”

6. Overhead dumbbell triceps extensions


These are perfect for working the long head of the muscle, which is very important for achieving full, thick triceps. “I don’t point my elbow straight up toward the ceiling. I like keeping it at about a 45-degree angle to minimize pressure on my joints”, shares Phil. Avoid letting your elbow drift away by tucking your tailbone underneath you, keeping the shoulders down and engaging the core.

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Remember that regardless of your genetics, with enough determination you can sucessfully overcome your flaws and accentuate your best assets, just like the pro’s do. Incorporate these tips into your regular routine and watch your guns explode.

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