How to Get Your Abs Shredded And Keep Your Waist Narrow At The Same Time

The first thing that pops up in mind when talking about exercises that develop your six pack are probably the traditional moves that almost everybody does. Many people swear, rightfully, that these exercises are all you need for building up your abs.

While this is absolutely true, it’s also true that most of these exercise, in addition to strengthening your abdominal muscles, will do little good in narrowing your waistline. On the contrary, some of them will even contribute in expanding, rather than narrowing it down.

So what are the implications of this to the traditional exercises? That mostly depends on your preferences and needs. Strongmen, for instance would not turn down strong waistline, with well developed core that helps them lifting superhuman weights. In this case the sit-ups, weighted cable crunches and oblique crunches are more than recommendable.

But if you are looking for aesthetics and aim to achieve shredded waistline midsection that adds to your V-shape, the traditional exercises will increase your strength but at the expense of expanding your waistline. Now, what is the way out of this perplexing situation? The solution is simple.


The squats have rightfully earned their status as the most important compound exercise. This exercise allows almost total body activation, working both on your leg muscles and your core, and increasing the functional strength of your body.

Squatting can be extremely efficient in building your abdominal muscles, as the mechanics of the movement greatly activate the core during the bottom portion of the lift. In fact, it would be safe to say that doing squats and deadlifts, in combination with right dieting and healthy life, are all that you need for your abs to show.

What you want to do is melt the fat layered on your abdominal wall. The moment you eliminate it, your abs will pop giving you that shredded look of your abs set on a narrow waistline.

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