5 Tips for Skinny Guys that Want to Build Muscle

3. Get enough rest

While training hard is important, not getting enough rest can significantly stall your progress.

Your muscle tissue doesn’t grow during the workout – it gets broken down instead. Rest allows your muscles to heal, recover and get bigger and stronger, while the levels of the growth hormone are at the highest during sleep. That being said, the best muscle-building results come from having 4-5 days of training followed by a few rest days. Your body needs some time to repair itself after intense workouts – if you don’t give it enough rest, not only will you be unable to build muscle mass, but the quality of your performance will suffer as well, together with an increased risk of injury.

4. Take testosterone boosting supplements

If you’re particularly skinny, you might also need a natural quality testosterone boosting supplement to get you going.

As you already know, testosterone is the hormone that makes muscle building possible and a lack of it turns muscle to fat. Testosterone boosting supplements will support the growth of muscles and increase your strength and performance in the gym.

5. Do more compound exercises

A compound exercise involves the use of more than one major muscle group at a time and naturally builds more muscle mass.

For example, deadlifts work almost every muscle in the body and that provides maximal muscle fiber recruitment and an increased stimulus for muscle growth, which in turn allows for more weight to be lifted. Furthermore, compound exercises make a bigger impact on the release of anabolic hormones. So if you’re looking for optimal growth, include more compound movements in your muscle building training.

And finally, having defined goals will maintain your motivation and provide a tool for measuring your progress.  Decide what exactly you want to achieve, set a reasonable time frame and start out by making crucial nutrition changes. It will take some hard work and a great deal of self-discipline, but push yourself to the limit and you’ll have great results in no time!

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