same muscle two days in a row

Train the Same Muscle Two Days in a Row For Increased Protein Synthesis

You must have already heard about how training the same muscle group multiple days in a row is bad for you and ineffective for growth, since the muscles need a few days to recover from the intense workout.

Well, good news guys – this is a total myth. You actually should train the same muscle group two days in a row, hitting it hard and heavy the first day and following up with a lighter training the next day, if you want to get the best gains possible!

Can you train the same muscle two days in a row to improve muscle gains ?

The Double Stimulation Training prolongs the synthesis of muscle protein, increases the transport of nutrient to the muscles and enhances muscle responsiveness. It’s ideal for building up some weaker muscle groups that are holding back your progress. Most importantly, you need to take good care of your nutrition around this type of training, since it’s absolutely crucial for your body to be able to recover despite the increased intensity of the workout.

Protein synthesis stays elevated for about 24 hours after a workout, and when you train the same muscle group again the next day, this process extends even further. In other words, this way of training lengtens the duration of the anabolic phase, resulting in a greater protein synthesis.

In addition, it’s extremely important that the second session always consists of pump work and not heavy lifting, in order to avoid the cause of muscle injury.

How to train the same muscle group two days in a row ?

Hit a muscle group with heavy weights the first day. On the second day do some pump work using the same muscle group for 15 minutes in the beginning of the workout, then move on to the main workout for another muscle group. Below you can see an example with a 4-on/1-off split:

Day 1: Do a hard push workout.
Day 2: Work the pressing muscles during the first 15 minutes of the workout, using some lighter pump work, like isolation exercises done in circuit fashion. Each set should last somewhere between 30 and 50 seconds, with 8-15 reps. Then move on to the main heavy workout for the pulling muscles
Day 3: Do some light pump work for the pulling muscles. Move on to hard leg training.
Day 4. Do some light pump work for the legs. After that, you can do some ab work and some light cardio.
Day 5: Take a day off to rest and recover.

Can you do legs two days in a row ?

Yes you can do legs two days in a row if you follow the protocol above. The second workout should be done with light weights and only pump sets. After the leg day it’s a good idea to take a rest day and recover from the workouts.

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