Upgrade Your Push Up Workout

The push up is a great body exercise that can get you in shape and improve your overall physical condition. It is an exercise that works and shapes the whole body. However, there are a few ways to optimize your push up workout so that you can rip its benefits and see faster results.

The push up is a full body exercise, and when performed properly, it will activate a large number of muscle groups in your body. Primarily, it will activate your shoulder muscles, chest muscles and triceps. Secondary, it will activate your lats, and abdominal muscles and last – it will activate your lower limb muscles. The push up should take part in every workout routine and should be used by both males and females as it’s performed by using only your own weight.

You can do them anywhere and after any sports activity (running, jogging,basketball, biking etc) to finalize your workout with complete activation of almost all skeletal muscles, or you can use them as warm up, prior to an upper body weight lifting session.

However, despite the fact that it’s a great exercise, the standard push up workout can become boring and ineffective after a while. Fortunately there are a few modifications to the standard push up that can “upgrade” your workout, make it less boring and let you advance once you hit a plateau. Here they are:

Beginner or bent knee push up

Instead of standing on your toes with your legs straight, you should bend your legs and touch the ground with your knees. You should position your hands a little wider than shoulder width apart (around 2 inches). If you can manage to make at least 30 of these then you can go to the next level – the basic push up.

Basic push up

Legs are straight and you should touch the ground with your toes. Hands should be positioned a little wider than shoulder width apart. Positioning of your hands closer will activate your triceps more while positioning them wider will activate chest more. You should lower yourself to a position where your chest touches the ground and then lift yourself all the way back up.


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