300 Workout Plan

When the movie “300” came out lots of men an women were asking the question : How did the actors get in such great shape? The answer is the 300 workout that was designed as a test of fitness and conditioning for the actors.

It is also called the 300 workout because the 300 reps from 7 different exercises. Many of the actors went from being around 40 pounds overweight to being lean, mean, fighting machines in a matter of months.

The 300 workout is done in a giant set fashion. You go from exercise to exercise without or with very little rest.

25x Pull-ups
50x Deadlifts with 135lbs
50x Push-ups
50x Box Jumps at a 24 inch box
50x Floor Wipers
50x Clean and Press with 36lbs
25x Pull-ups

That’s a total of 300 repetitions.

This is a very demanding conditioning training, so it’s not done every day. Depending on your fitness level try to workout 2-3 times a week, giving yourself at least a day of rest between workouts.

As with any other workout try to increase the protein intake and lower the carbs and the results will be even better. If you feel you are burning up fast, give yourself some extra days of rest.

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