Burn 400 Calories in 20 Minutes With These 5 Kettlebell Exercises

Turkish Get-Up


This move can be very demanding for your arms, but as a result it greatly increases their strength, making them muscular and well defined.

– Start by lying on the back. Take the kettlebell in your right arm and raise it upwards, bending your right knee. Keep your left arm on the floor to the side.

– Constantly looking at the hand holding the kettlebell, come to a sitting position, with your arm still up. Use your left hand as a support for the next move.

– Pressing down onto it, slowly raise your pelvis.

– Take your left leg backward under your body, placing the knee under your left hip, and put all the weight on it. Keep your right arm in the air and the left on the floor so that they form a straight line. Supporting on your left hand keep your eyes focused on the kettlebell.

– Push your torso up with your left hand, keeping the weight of your body on the left knee and right foot.

– Slowly stand up, bringing the left leg forward.

– Your right arm is still up, with your eyes fixed on it. Do the movements in reverse order, returning to the initial position.

– Do 6-8 reps with one arm, and another 6-8 for the other.


Kettlebell Squat


This exercise is excellent workout for the quads and glutes. It can also be done using a dumbbell, yet performing it with a kettlebell is more challenging for your muscles and balance.

– Take a standing position with your feet wide. Take a kettlebell and hold it in front of your chest with your palms turned towards you.

– Still holding the kettlebell in front of you slowly lower yourself in a squatting position, making your thighs parallel to the ground. Hold this position for a while, and rise up. Do 20-25 reps.


Kettlebell Windmill


This demanding kettlebell exercise works your whole body. It is primarily focused on the obliques and torso, hence it’s very effective in reducing the waistline quickly.

– Stand with your legs wide. Your feet should be positioned wider than your hip distance. Hold a kettlebell in each hand.

– Slowly raise your right arm above your head, rotating your left toes outward. Keep your eyes fixed on the weight.

– Shift your hips to the right. Remember not to swing your pelvis behind you as you position yourself.

– At the same time, also shift your weight slightly to the right. In this position about 60 percent of your weight is supported on the right foot.

– Lower the torso towards the left foot, taking the kettlebell hovering of the floor.

– Focus on keeping your whole body as flat as possible. The raised right arm and the left arm should form a straight line.

– Once in this position slowly take your left hand to your left shoulder.

– Come to a standing position still holding your right arm up, and your left arm on the shoulder. In doing so, you rely on your waist to move your torso.

– Rotate your left foot so that it points forward, distributing your weight evenly on both feet.

– Raise your left arm over your head. Bring it back to initial position and repeat. Change arms.
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