Military Fitness – The Conditioning Workout and Tests

Let the Testing Commence!

UFPFT consists of seven tests that should be conducted in the same testing session. Take as much rest as necessary between tests but don’t dilly-dally either! Perform the tests in the order listed below and then compare your scores to the chart provided.

For timed tests, perform them “blind”. In other words, don’t worry about the time but work as hard as you possibly can. This eliminates the chances of pacing yourself to produce a sub-maximal score or stopping just because you reach a predetermined time goal. These tests are best performed with a training partner who can act as time keeper, referee and repetition counter.

  1. 1.       1.5 mile timed run
  2. 2.       Burpees in 180 seconds
  3. 3.       Front plank timed hold
  4. 4.       Back extension timed hold
  5. 5.       Press ups for maximum repetitions
  6. 6.       Pull ups for maximum repetitions
  7. 7.       300 meter sprint

1. The 1.5 mile run is a test of aerobic fitness. Most branches of the military perform this test while wearing boots and combat trousers to make the test more realistic but don’t feel you have to copy them! Perform a thorough warm up including some light cardio and stretching and then run 1.5 miles as fast as you can. Perform this test on a running track, treadmill or a flat, accurately measure route. You should complete this assessment of aerobic fitness feeling like that, even if your life depended on it, you couldn’t have run it any faster.

2. Burpees test and develop total-body muscular endurance and anaerobic fitness. The burpee is a popular exercise in the armed forces – if only with Physical Training Instructors! A burpee can be performed with or without a press up depending on your fitness level but the jump is not optional. For a repetition to count, you must jump up and onto a 12 inch high platform. You can rest as often as you need to during this test but remember that the clock is always counting down…

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