What’s The Best Time For Cardio

What is the best time for your cardio workout? Some say it’s in the morning, some say in the afternoon. The important thing is to actually DO your cardio. Any form of cardiovascular exercise at any time will help you lose fat and keep body fat in check.

However, if you want to get maximum results in shortest period of time, maybe you should consider doing your workout in the morning, before you eat your breakfast. If you ate your dinner at 8 p.m. and you decide to do your workout at 7 or 8 a.m. that’s 11 or 12 hours without food. That’s when your glycogen levels are the lowest. Glycogen (Carbohydrates) is the body’s primary source of energy.When glycogen resources are depleted the body reaches for stored fats to fuel its metabolism. Your body uses the stored glycogen to fuel body’s functions in the course of the night.

When you do a cardio session in the morning, you will continue to burn fat at an accelerated rate even after the workout. This is because your metabolism is fastest in the morning. As the day passes the metabolism becomes slower.When you go to sleep your body is at its slowest metabolic rate.

Also, when it’s done in the morning any form of exercise will increase the release of endorphins in your body. Endorphins are hormones that reduce stress, improve your mood, increase circulation and relieve pain.

An alternative to early morning exercise is probably a cardio workout done right after a weightlifting session.Weightlifting is an anaerobic form of exercise that uses carbohydrates as fuel. This means that after an intense weightlifting workout, the body’s glycogen resources are depleted and that is a great environment for fat loss.

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