10 Minute Workout Plan for the Perfect Six-Pack Abs

If you want to achieve perfectly chiseled abs you will need a bit more than simply reducing your body fat by burning more calories than you consume. During your workout, you need to target each of the abdominal muscles with supersets and a lot of reps, working them from every angle possible. Here’s a list of four exercises you should perform in two powerful supersets to get best results.

Superset no.1

Perform one set of leg raises followed by side planks, no pause in between. Rest for 60 seconds, then move to another set of leg raises. Do three rounds of the routine.

Hanging leg raises – 3 sets – 30 reps – 60 seconds rest

Grab a pull-up bar and lower yourself into a dead hang. Let your legs straighten and pull back your pelvis a bit. With your core tensed, raise the legs until your thighs are positioned at an angle of 90 degrees to your torso, and hold. Slowly lower your body back to the original position.

Side planks – 3 sets – 30 reps – 60 seconds rest

Lie on your left side with straight knees. Raise the upper body and hold its weight on the forearm. Brace your core and raise the hips until the body forms a straight line. Hold the position while taking deep breaths. Repeat on the other side.

Superset 2

Perform one set of rollouts, followed by a set of woodchops, no pause in between.
Rest for 60 seconds, then move to another set of rollouts.
Do three rounds of the routine.

Barbell rollout: 3 sets – 20 reps – 0 rest

Put 5kg plates on a barbell and grab it with an overhand, shoulder-width grip. Place your shoulders directly over the barbell and slowly roll it forwards. Reverse the move after a short pause.

Medicine ball woodchop – 3 sets – 20 reps – 60 seconds rest

Stand with your feet positioned wider than your shoulders width. Bent your knees a little bit. Take the medicine ball with both hands, keeping the arms straight.  Lift the ball up above your shoulder to the left side, rotating at the waist. Hold it at the top, then bring it back down to waist height, but on the right side. Switch sides after you perform all reps on one side.

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