Hell Raiser Training, the Bodybuilding Method That Even Pro’s Are Afraid Of

Bodybuilding is all about muscle mass.  Let’s face it – no one would turn down an inch or two on the arms. However, the path to building muscle mass is not only thorny, but treacherous as well.

There are many programs out there who offer you wanders when it comes to gaining size. The simple truth is that though some succeed to deliver many of them are ineffective. Finding out the one that works the best can be a real challenge.

For instance, some bodybuilders are tempted to think that lifting bigger will result in getting bigger. Well, it’s not as straightforward as that, and it only holds true until certain point, that is, only in the beginning. If it was as simple, then all the powerlifeters would have shredded and muscular physique.

The trick in building solid muscular frame is knowing what to do with the hour or two you spend in the gym lifting the weights. Coming into the gym unprepared, without a program to follow may become confusing. You take the weights in your hands and start wandering what you should do. How much reps do you take per set? Should you lift heavier weights or do more reps? Do you do more sets of a single exercise, or take several different exercises? To avoid this state of confusion you need to find your program. And the one we offer you is brand new and called Hell Raiser Training.

Hell Raiser Training aims at only one thing: building mass. If you really want to get huge then it’s perfect for you. The basic principle behind this method is the split set training with forced negatives. It also involves the basic parameters that have proven their worth in building mass. That is: use weights that are 60-89 percent of your one rep max; keep the rep range between 8-15 per set; and rest between sets for 2 to 5 minutes.

With that in mind, you can begin the exercises, yet, before doing them it’s crucial to find experienced partner for providing the support. Choose a weight that is 80% of what you can lift in one go and do 8 reps focusing of the positive rep. After finishing with the concentric portion of the rep, use the same weight to focus on the negative rep.

Here you partner comes into play by slowly and steadily increasing the tension on the negative rep until you reach the end of its portion after a count of five. This should be repeated 4 times, which – combined with the 8 positive reps – takes the rep count to a total of 12.

To understand this technique better, we are going to apply it to a simple exercise as standing dumbbell curls.

First you determine your 1 rep max. Let’s assume that you can curl a 70 lb dumbbell. Since this technique requires using  80% of that, you should go for 55 lb dumbbell.    Grab the two 55 lb, stand holding them at your sides and do 8 regular reps. Once you end the eight rep on the first arm hold the weight at top of your movement.

Now your partner steps in by grabbing the weight and starts pulling it down for a count of 5 while you hold your resistance till it reaches the bottom. Do the same with the other arm and complete four negative reps for each of the arms. It’s crucial that you don’t fight your partner.  The goal of this part of the exercise is to force the muscle into investing more effort on the negative portion of the movement. You are not supposed to stop the weight from descending, but to allow a steady movement on the negative.

The beauty of this technique is that it can be applied to numerous different barbell and dumbbell movements, and various machine exercises. All you need is a little bit of creativity.  Yet, when you find a way to introduce forced negatives into your protocol, the results will be astonishing. We’ve already said it – Hell Raiser Training is all about building mass.

If you like what you’ve read and want to take a taste of this technique, we provide you with a sample routine that should cover 12 weeks of training (continues on page 2 – workout routine).

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