at home bodyweight circuit workout

At-Home Bodyweight Circuit Workout

We all know the current situation has hit everyone hard, especially with all these social gathering spots closed down until further notice, but now is as better time as any to update your gym at home so you can brush up on some of those bodyweight moves that don’t need any fancy equipment to keep your progress AND your gains in check!

Now, of course it goes without saying that the more bodyweight you have the more challenging any workout can be. However, don’t get discouraged by that fact, in fact that’s good news since that means you will definitely drop weight as you progress through.

Not only will you save precious time by not travelling daily to a gym, but money spent on a membership can also be avoided swiftly. Since you will be working out at home, you will be closer to your kitchen so immediately after the work out you can cook up a post workout protein meal!

Let’s keep it real here, you don’t really need a big and fancy home gym to get in relatively good shape. To add to that, you don’t even need any equipment at all as well. You can burn those calories and gain that muscle mass all at home with this simple bodyweight circuit workout we compiled for you.

As stated before, this bodyweight workout is designed as a circuit and is completely doable in the comfort of your own home. Every round of the circuit workout is consisting of seven exercises that you’ll need to do. You will have to perform three rounds total, where you will alternate between pushing and pulling. It’s designed this way so it will keep you moving, while making the most of your workout time without using any equipment that you’d usually need to put away when you finish it!

Finally, here’s the workout and the logistics of how to do it!

At home bodyweight circuit workout

  1. Glute Bridge

bodyweight circuit workout : glutes bridge

By doing this exercise you will be activating and using arguably the most powerful muscle in the human body. The thing with your glutes is that even if you begin training at the crack of dawn, your glutes are, without a shadow of a doubt, tight from sitting in that office chair all day, or even from driving. So, by doing this exercise they will be the first muscle activated in the training session.

Here’s how to do the glute bridge:

You start off by lying face up on the floor with your knees being bent a straight 90 degree angle and with your feet on the floor. Then proceed to squeeze your glutes and bridge your hips to the ceiling, so that only your shoulders and hips remain on the ground. Hold this position for two seconds and proceed to lower your hips to the ground without touching. Do 10 repetitions of this.

  1. Hand Walks

Hand walks is a full body move that lengthens your hamstrings and calves while simultaneously opening up your ankles and your lower back area, it stabilizes your shoulders as well. What an all-rounder this move is!

To do this particular exercise you need to firstly stand with your legs straight and both of your hands on the floor, then continue by walking your hands out. While keeping your legs straight, walk your feet back to the position of your hands using short steps from your ankles. Do 10 repetitions of this.


  1. Lunge Elbow to Instep


This particular exercise poses a challenge to your overall core stability by combining two very effective moves in one great combo.

To begin this exercise you start out by moving yourself to a lunge position, specifically with your left foot out first. Then place your right forearm to the ground and your left elbow against the inside of your left foot, continue holding this stretched out position for two seconds.

Continue by moving your left hand outside of your foot while pushing your hips upward, making sure that your front toes are pointed up as you do so. Finish my returning to the former standing position, then repeat with the opposite sided. Do 10 repetitions of this exercise.

  1. Plank to Push up

plank to push up

This exercise does the same as the last one. It challenges your overall core stability by combining to very effective moves in one.

Now as to how to do this exercise, you need to begin by placing yourself in a forearm plank position, then pushing up from your triceps, you need to place your right hand on the ground then your left hand while gradually rising to a push up position. Swiftly return to the forearm plank starting position by placing your right forearm down and doing the same with your left forearm. Do 10 repetitions of this exercise.

  1. 3 Way Push up

bodyweight circuit workout : push ups

This exercise includes doing three sets of 10 push ups all in three following different positions. You may have noticed that we’re gradually upping the difficulty of this workout quickly, while challenging your chest and shoulders from three different angles.

Basically, a three way push up means doing 10 push ups of a different variety. Start of by doing 10 traditional push ups, where your hands are placed directly below the shoulders, continue by doing 10 diamond push ups, where your index fingers and thumbs are touching, and finish by doing 10 wide grip push ups, where your hands are placed wider than your shoulders. Do all of this without a break between it. Do 10 reps of this exercise.

  1. Straight Leg Lowering

This exercise requires your hamstrings to stretch while also challenging the muscles of your chest and torso.

As for how to do this exercise, you start out by lying on your back with both arms at their respective sides and legs raised straight up above your hips. Then while keeping one leg straight, slowly, but firmly lower the other leg to just above the floor, don’t let it touch though. Finish by returning to the starting position. It is important to note that you need to keep your toes pointed toward your shins and your back firmly flat against the floor. Do 10 repetitions of this on both sides.

  1. Burpees

bodyweight circuit workout : burpees

A burpee is a full body, push-up-esque exercise that gives you all the benefits of doing a push up, while at the same time challenging your cardiovascular system and upping the overall intensity of your workout as a whole, which is crucial when you only have 15 free of your day to do something like this.

To do a burpee you need to start out in a standing position, then continue by squatting and placing both of your hands on the ground, and jump your feet out to a push up position. Then proceed to do a push up and then jump your feet back to your hands. Finish up by jumping up as high as you possibly can while throwing your hands over your head. Do 10 repetitions of this exercise.

After completing 3 whole rounds of the bodyweight circuit, you’ll see how intense this workout can be. As you progress with your strength and conditioning you can add more rounds to the workout. 

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