How to Increase Arm Size by Doing These Compound Exercises


Although in the minds of many people the chin-ups and pull-ups are one and the same thing, there’s one minor, yet colossal, feature in their execution that separates them. Namely, while you perform the pull-ups with palms facing away, in the chin-ups you perform the movement with your palms the other way around. The primary focus when performing the chin-up should be put on using the biceps to perform the lift. You should feel the biceps contract.


Start by doing 4 sets to failure with bodyweight. Once you’re able to perform 15 reps in a set, it’s time for adding weight. The chin-up is not an easy exercise and many newbies will find it difficult to pull out even a single rep. If you find yourself among them the trick to overcoming this obstacle is to jump at the top using your momentum. Then, start lowering your body down slowly.

In this way you adapt your body to the mechanics of the exercise, and develop the required muscles. However, you should not push yourself too much, as this move is exhausting for your muscles. Five reps should do the trick. Once you’re able to pull out 1 or 2 normal reps, switch to regular chin-ups and build on that.


Hold the loaded barbell with your palms facing toward you. Slightly bend your knees and lean your torso forward. Lift the barbells to your stomach.


Rotating your grip increases the involvement of your biceps. In addition, performing the rows with your palms facing towards you helps you to increase the range of motion. As a result your lats get more involved in the move.

With its ability to recruit a greater variety of muscles, the barbell rows fall in line with the previous exercises that increase your testosterone production.


Speaking about testosterone, you’re probably aware that it’s probably the most important hormone when it comes to building muscle size. It’s the essence of our masculinity.

Testosterone provides your body with energy, speeds up muscle growth, reduces your fat levels. If you want to grow, it’s essential to learn how to increase your testosterone production.

Either that, or take some of the proven testosterone boosters. Just make sure that you select products that contain ingredients that work. Otherwise you’re not only wasting away money, but hurting your system as well.

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