Jason Statham: Workout Routine for Speed, Agility and Athleticism

Jason Statham is not a guy who is famous for his bulked body. On the contrary, he’s far more popular for his athleticism, quickness and agility, while the lean muscles fit here only as a bonus.

To achieve this he uses a special training method that focuses on speed and explosiveness during the whole workout. “If I’m doing a pushup, I go down slowly and, bang, push up”, says Jason.

Take a look at his training method, which starts with 10 minutes of rowing just for warm up.

 DAY 1

Warm Up #1: Rowing – Rowing for 10 minutes, with an average tempo of 20 stokes per minute.

Warm Up #2: Pyramid Circuit

This circuit involves repeating 3 exercises (pushups, ring chin-ups and bodyweight squat) first by increasing the reps, and then gradually decreasing them. In the first round do just 1 rep per exercise.

Continue the circuit until the fifth round increasing the reps by 1. When you reach round 6, start decreasing the reps until you count 1 rep per exercises. Finish the warm up.


Push ups
Ring Chin Ups
Body Weight Squats

Workout: Deadlift

The first “real” workout of the week is the deadlift which involves doing 9 sets with 1 to 3 minutes rest between each set. It starts by doing 10 reps in the first set with 35% of your working max.

In each following set you increase the weight and decrease the reps. Starting with the fifth set, you do only one rep. Here’s how this works.

Reps x weight / rest

  • 10 x 60kg – 1 minute
  • 5 x 85kg – 2 minutes
  • 3 x100kg – 3 minutes
  • 2 x 130kg – 3 minutes
  • 1 x 150kg – 3 minutes
  • 1 x 155kg – 3 minutes
  • 1 x 160kg – 3 minutes
  • 1 x 162.5kg – 3 minutes
  • 1 x 165kg – 3 minutes

Cool Down: Trampoline

For a cool down from the work out use an Olympic size trampoline to perform flips and twists for 10 minutes.



Warm Up #1: Rowing – Rowing for 10 minutes, with an average tempo of 20 stokes per minute.

Warm Up #2: Static Hold Circuit

You do 30 seconds of each exercise with 10 seconds between them. Repeat 4 rounds of each exercise.

  • Ring Dip – Use gymnastics rings to assume the support position – above the rings and supporting your body weight with arms straight. Bend your elbows to lower your body with steady and controlled movement. Hold at top of dip motion;
  • Farmer Carry – Assume an upright standing position. Still your body and hold kettlebells motionless by your sides.
  • L-Sit – Use parallettes. Raise your legs from dip position, holding your hands to the parallettes, until they are parallel to ground. Hold this position.
  • Bodyweight Squat – Hold at bottom of squat with thighs parallel to ground.

Workout:  “Big 5 55″

Jason calls this the “Big 5 55” because here he does 5 different exercises in 55 reps each. This should be ideally performed without any rest between the exercises, creating a continuous circuit.

However, if you find this difficult, you can set how much rest you’ll take between exercises. The first round of sets starts with 10 reps, and they decrease progressively with each following round, finishing with 1 rep per exercise.

  • Front Squat with weight
  • Pull Ups
  • Decline Parallette
  • Push Ups (using parallette bars)
  • Power Cleans
  • Knees to Elbows (hang from pull up bar with elbows at 90 degrees and pull knees up to touch elbows)



Warm Up #1: Rowing – Rowing for 10 minutes, with an average tempo of 20 stokes per minute.

Workout:  Interval rowing

Here you do 6 rounds of 500 meters sprint rowing. When you reach the sprint distance, keep on rowing for 3 minutes at resting pace. You can take a break between each round. However, make sure that you perform each round without any rest.

Cool Down:  For a cool down do Farmer Carry using two 30kg kettlebells for 500m, as fast as you can.



Warm Up #1: Rowing – Rowing for 10 minutes, with an average tempo of 20 stokes per minute.

Warm Up #2: Body Weight Squats – Do 20 reps without weight.

Workout: Front Squats with weight

Use an 80kg weight to do 5 sets consisting of 5 reps. Take 90 seconds rest between each set.

  • 5 x 80kg – 90 seconds
  • 5 x 80kg – 90 seconds
  • 5 x 80kg – 90 seconds
  • 5 x 80kg – 90 seconds
  • 5 x 80kg – 90 seconds

Cool Down:  For a cool down do 200 pushups. However, you do them using the ladder technique, involving 13 ladders with an extra 5 reps at the end. It is best to perform this with a partner.

The way you do this is that you partner does one, than you do one. Your partner does 2, you do 2 and so on. In this way the only resting time you get is when your partner is doing pushups.

If you can’t find a partner, you can do this exercise by yourself by counting the pushups you imaginary partner does.


Warm Up #1: Rowing – Rowing for 10 minutes, with an average tempo of 20 stokes per minute.

Warm Up #2: Do 5 rounds of Bear Crawls and Crab Walks for 15 meters, alternating between them.

Workout: Cumulative Movements

Here you do one set of the eleven exercises listed below. Try doing them as fast as you can and taking as little rest as possible.

Exercise / Reps / Weight

  • 7-Meter Fat Rope Climbs / 5 reps / body weight
  • Front Squats / 5 reps / 85kg
  • Ball Slams / 5 reps / 12.5kg
  • 15-Meter Rope Pulls / 10 reps / 40kg
  • Bench Press / 10 reps / 80kg
  • Ball Slams / 10 reps / 12.5kg)
  • Pull Ups / 15 reps / body weight
  • Dips / 15 reps / body weight
  • Ball Slams / 15 / 10kg
  • Resisted Fat Rope Pulls / 20 reps / no weights
  • Smashes / 20 reps / no weights

Jason’s Time: 23:53



Any sport or aerobic activity that lasts over 60 minutes. You can go for a run in the mountains, as Jason often does, or find some other activity that suits you best.




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