The Convergent Phase Training

Midsection work

Add 2-3 sets of 2-3 exercises for your abs and lower back at the end of each workout
Using the core lifts and accessory circuits outlined above, your next eight workouts would look like this. For the next group of workouts, simply continue the sequence.

Workout 1   –  Squats  + circuit 1     
Workout 2   –  Bench press+ circuit 2  
Workout 3   –  Deadlifts  + circuit 3  
Workout 4   –  Military press + circuit 1  
Workout 5   –  Squats  + circuit 2  
Workout 6   –  Bench press+ circuit 3  
Workout 7   –  Deadlifts + circuit 1  
Workout 8  –  Military press+ circuit 2    

Workout frequency

As each session is pretty much a whole body workout, convergent phase training is best suited to using on every other day as back-to-back workouts will not allow sufficient time for recovery for the necessary muscle repair and growth to occur.
Whenever you read about a new programme, the author normally says something like “follow this workout for the next four to six weeks and then change your programme completely.”

This is because in traditional workouts, the body quickly adapts to the stresses and strains of that training session and while initial fitness improvements are rapid, they soon slow down and stop once your body has become accustomed to the workout. With convergent phase training, because each workout is different, I think you could stick with this programme for months at a time and still see continued progress. Simply put, this could be the best workout you ever do!


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