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Want Big Legs ? Do Giant Sets !

Legs are the foundation of your whole body. That being said, more than 50 percent of the body’s muscle mass belongs to legs. This is why it’s very strange the fact that lots of trainees almost traditionally skip leg days and concentrate on their beach muscles such as arms and chest.

Being such a big muscle group, the legs need a lot of work (genetic freaks aside), to reach their full potential. It’s not unusual for many trainees to find out that their legs respond very good to volume work, as opposed to smaller muscle groups like chest, shoulders, biceps or triceps. And speaking of volume, the below workout will definitely help you blast your upper legs, break through plateaus, and spark some new growth.

The keyword of this workout is giant sets. A giant set really consists of three to four sets (usually of 10-12 reps) of four different exercises working the same muscle group. When performing a giant set, quickly move from exercise to exercise while you leave your worked muscle group rest for only about 10-15 seconds.

The Rules

1.You will do one exercise,
2.Rest no more than 10-15 seconds,
3.Go to the next exercise right away.

You will do four exercises in a row and this will be one giant set. After you finish one giant set, you can take a rest of 2-3 minutes tops and start a new giant set. After one warmup set you will do 3 working giant sets.

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