The 25 Unwritten Gym Rules You Need to Know

Whether you’re a beginner in the gym or the rule enforcer, there are a few guidelines that you would like to follow in order to earn the respect from your “fellow” training partners and save yourself from possible embarrassing moments. The unspoken rule book consists of rules from how to treat your equipment to how you should treat yourself.

Here is how to earn respect from day one and save yourself from a lot of headaches along the way.

Rule #1 Whatever you use as equipment, return it on its original place.


Remember how your mother taught you to return your toys to your closet ? Well, you had years and years to put that into practice. Return the weights to their place bro. Nobody is responsible for the plates and dumbbells you train with but you. And besides, your momma is not here to re-rack them for you.

Rule #2 Know how you smell before you enter the gym. Wash your gym clothes upon usage; nobody should smell your yesterday`s workout clothes. When it comes to smelling fresh and clean, have a rotation of at least two to three gym outfits and a stick of deodorant on call.

Rule #3 Wipe the sweat that you`re leaving behind upon using the training machines. Nobody wants to be the next person training on a machine with your sweat scattered everywhere.


Even though your risk is relatively low of actually catching a really nasty bug at the gym, wiping up is more than just polite. Remember that it’s gross to lie down into a puddle of someone else’s perspiration on the bench press.

Rule #4 Also, another rule on sweat, don’t jump in and spot someone on the bench press if your forehead is soaking wet.

Rule #5 Stop putting yourself first in front of the mirror. Nobody behind you, wants to see you while they`re exercising. Don’t be the guy who spends more time in front of mirrors than the Evil Queen in Snow White.

Rule #6 Don’t be a poser, meaning stop posing double bicep moves next to someone who’s actually doing hard work. Not cool at all.

Rule # 7 When doing exercises involving dumbbells there`s no need to perform them next to the dumbbell rack, there should be a clear passage for other gym members.

Rule # 8 If you`re one of those that wear a belt for every set of every workout, we have a message for you: You look like a dork!


Rule # 9 This one is for men only: If there`re female members at the gym, stop starring at them and show some respect.

Rule # 10 Train your legs, its essential!


Rule # 11 Your shaker is meant for shaking; meaning it should contain more than  water.

Rule # 12 Never unload a barbell unless you` re positively sure that no one is using it.

Rule # 13 Never touch or move any other member`s gym bag, water or towel. Never!

Rule # 14 No one appreciates a Mr. Know-it-All at the gym. Speak and advise only when asked to.


Rule # 15 Always keep a distance between yourself and other member while he or her is exercising. Entering their space might result with unwanted injury.

Rule # 16 Don’t be the creepy face standing behind someone that is lifting in the moment.


Rule # 17 Nobody wants to listen your previous heroic stories, mainly starting with the following: “Back in the days I used to squat 650 and bench 450 in high school but then my injury happened.”

Rule # 18 If you don’t know how something works, ask, don’t go in exploring by yourself.

Rule # 19 The Smith machine is used only for performing inverted rows. Doing squats on it, does not count.



Rule # 20 When in doubt, stop stalking the machine you`re planning to use, but never get on it. Someone is waiting for a chance as well.

Rule # 21 No burping or farting is allowed.

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