Jay Cutler Will Join International Sports Hall of Fame Class 2021

The four time winner of Mr. Olympia Jay Cutler to be one of the several people inducted into the International Sports Hall of Fame’s (ISHOF) class of 2021. The news was announced last week, September 12, 2021, by the chairman of ISHOF Dr. Robert Goldman on his Facebook page.

Taking place during the upcoming Olympia Weekend, on Saturday, October 9, 2021 in Orlando, Florida, the awards ceremony will surely be hosted by some well known faces in the bodybuilding community judging by last years hosts which were Robert Goldman himself and Arnold Schwarzenegger at the 2020 Arnold Sports Festival.

The non profit organization, The International Sports Hall of Fame, was started by Dr. Robert Goldman with the goal to honor the world’s greatest athletes from all sports categories alike. The inductees are specifically selected because of their achievements, but their charitable contributions and efforts are acknowledged as well.


The life and career of Jay Cutler

Jay Cutler was born in Massachusetts, and his love for bodybuilding started at the ripe age of 18 when he first began training to compete in the sport.

He did have another plan in mind seeing as he finished college with a degree in Criminal Justice, but judging by the present, the universe had other plans in mind for him.

Jay Cutler quickly received notoriety in the bodybuilding community by placing second in his first ever competition in 1992, but soon after he won first place just a year later at the 1993 Iron Bodies Invitational. The up and coming legend would then go about and earn his Pro Card after winning the 1996 NPC National – Heavyweight, which would then set him up for his fruitful iconic career.

And not only did he amass three consecutive wins at the prestigious Arnold Classic in 2002, 2003, and 2004, but he would then go on to win the biggest title anyone could get in bodybuilding, Mr. Olympia, four staggering times in 2006, 2007, 2009, and 2010.

But, despite how it may look, it wasn’t all peaches and rainbows while climbing to the top. Quite the contrary, Jay Cutler experienced a lot of frustration, when he placed second at the Mr. Olympia on four different occasions behind the 8 times winner of Mr. Olympia – Ronnie Coleman.

However, he would go on to preserve and finally break through in the year 2006 to win the title and dethrone the man who defeated him for four agonizing years prior.

Unfortunately, in 2008, Jay Cutler lost the title of Mr. Olympia to Dexter Jackson, but would then promptly reclaim it with ease in the coming year, making him the first person to do that and cement his iconic status in bodybuilding.

The bodybuilding star would then go to compete again in the year 2011 but would ultimately lose to 7 times Mr. Olympia winner Phil Heath. Cutler took 2012 off to nurse a bicep injury he had and would return on the bodybuilding stage in 2013 but, unfortunately, he finished 6th, and ultimately retire the following 2013 Mr. Olympia.

Jay Cutler, will go down in history as one of the greatest bodybuilders ever and his overall impact not only as a great competitor, but also as an individual and contributor will be acknowledged in days to come.

Cutler has also had some notable business successes which also include his supplement company – Cutler Nutrition, among all of his other ventures such as being the 2019 Olympia Honorary ambassador.

But as of now, he will join all of the many legendary and iconic names in bodybuilding in the International Sports Hall of Fame Class of 2021.

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