25 Unwritten Rules You Need to Know If You Want To Earn Some Respect In The Gym

Rule # 13 Never touch or move any other member`s gym bag, water or towel. Never!

Rule # 14 No one appreciates a Mr. Know-it-All at the gym. Speak and advise only when asked to.


Rule # 15 Always keep a distance between yourself and other member while they are working out. Entering their space might result with unwanted injury.

Rule # 16 Don’t be the creepy face standing behind someone that is lifting in the moment.


Rule # 17 Nobody wants to listen your previous heroic stories, mainly starting with the following: “Back in the days I used to squat 650 and bench 450 in high school but then my injury happened.”

Rule # 18 If you don’t know how something works, ask, don’t go in exploring by yourself.

Rule # 19 The Smith machine is used only for performing inverted rows. Doing squats on it, does not count.



Rule # 20 When in doubt, stop stalking the machine you`re planning to use, but never get on it. Someone is waiting for a chance as well.

Rule # 21 No burping or farting is allowed.

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