Connor McGregor’s Nutritionist May Have The Answer to Stop Sugar Cravings

George Lockhart is a nutrition specialist advising top athletes on what they can or cannot eat. He is also Connor McGregors dietician and he is the right guy to ask how can you deal with sugar cravings.

According to a recent study at the University of North Carolina, the average person stuffs their body with about 300 calories from added sugar day after day. Moreover, about 20% of the American population consume over 700 sugar calories daily.

Many resources raise an arguable statement that the white substance is more addictive than cocaine in every aspect and it’s pretty hard to quit. And when it comes down to to kicking out your sugar addiction, Mr. Lockhard knows what he is talking about.

He explains: “It’s kind of like a catch-22 because sugar kind of craves sugar.” “The more sugar you eat, the more sugar you’re going to want. A lot of times if you’re not even hungry you’ll taste something like a little piece of a candy… and be like ‘yeah, I want more. It’s like the never-ending thirst.”

And no matter how strange it sounds, George says that the salvation from sugar cravings comes in the form of one simple spice we all have in our kitchen cabinets – cinnamon.

George’s advice is to add a teaspoon of cinnamon to some water to see the cravings disappear. It sounds strange, but apparently, this is the way to kick your sugar addiction out.

According to George, the cinnamon helps in regulating insulin levels, flatting out insulin peaks, meaning you’re less likely to start reaching for the sweet stuff, than when they’re spiking all over the place.

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