MCT Oil : Is It The Ultimate Way To Burn Fat ?

An enormous number of athletes swear by MCT oil claiming that it makes them more energized. This begs the question, what is it in this substance that makes a lot of people say that it boosts their metabolism and transforms their body into a high-powered fat-burning plant.

Many nutritionists around the world have started recommending it to their clients as an excellent weight-loss tool. Even supplement companies have taken to selling it and marketing it as one of the best fat burning supplements you can find on the market. Many professional athletes claim that it drastically improves their performance enabling them to train for longer periods of time.


What is MCT ?

MCT is an acronym for medium chain triglycerides. LCT which is an acronym for long chain triglycerides are the opposite of MCT and they are much more common in the majority of food products. MCT are largely made of capric and caprylic fatty acids and comes in the form of a yellowish, translucent liquid with no smell when kept at a room temperature.

MCTs can be found naturally found primarily in coconut oil and some other products. It’s been widely used as a means to add extra calories to food products for small children. In recent years, professional bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts have also started consuming MCT as a part of their regular diet, taking advantage of the fat burning and energizing properties. So, you might wonder what the science is behind all of these claims and how exactly would it help you to burn off the excess fat.

According to numerous studies done over the years, once MCTs enter your bloodstream, they skip the digestion process, which LCTs, on the other hand, must go through. The key to MCTs effectiveness is that they give rapid energy to the body and they aren’t as likely to be stored in the fat tissue, in comparison to LCTs.

It has also been proven that when the meal has MCTs in it, the thermogenic effect is increased leading to a drastic increase in the amount of burned calories. If you burn more calories, fewer of them are deposited as fat, which leads to an overall decrease of body fat levels.

A large number of proponents of ketogenic diets and MCT oil tell us that the power of MCTs to maintain energy levels can be explained in the following manner: when MCTs are metabolized, they resemble much more and take the properties of a carbohydrate instead of fat. Let’s remind ourselves that carbohydrate is the body’s preferred choice of energy.

Unlike other types of fat, MCTs do not pass the lymphatic system and are instead taken straight to your liver where they are metabolized, releasing energy in the process, exactly like a carbohydrate would. This, in turn, releases ketones as a byproduct which can also be used by the body as an energy source or fuel.

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