Yohimbe in Fitness – The Uses, Benefits and Side Effects

Side effects

The most common side effect, especially with big doses, is anxiety, the other effects being increased blood pressure and heart rate and insomnia. However, these effects are not seen when the dosages are as little as those for weight loss.

You can get yohimbine in the form of herbal yohimbe extracts and pure yohimbine HCl. It can be found in some fat loss solutions, too. Yohimbe extracts constitute many alkaloids, with yohimbine being only 10 to 15% in quantity. However, the effect of the other present alkaloids is not known and they may exhibit toxic properties, which makes the pure yohimbine HCl a much better option safety-wise.


Taking .2 mg per kg (which turns out to be around 1 mg for every 10 lbs.) on a daily basis does not show any side effects. It is also the recommended weight loss dose. The dose of .1 mg/kg is used for the purpose of s****l stimulation. Yohimbine ought to be taken two times every day, morning and afternoon, for inducing fat loss. It is ideally to be taken empty stomach; otherwise, its lipolytic effects are reduced. Even though its half life is only about a couple of hours, which is very short, 11-hydroxy-yohimbine, a metabolite with similar function, has a half life of 6 to 8 hours. This eliminates the need of taking doses every two hours. Your body tolerance and inter-individual bioavailability vary widely, so it’s best to start by taking not more than half dose and check yourself for sensitivity to yohimbine.

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