Best Home Gym Workout for a Strong Back

In this article, we’re going to discuss some of the most effective exercises to build a strong back. This article is based on information we’ve learned over the years, so you’ll walk away with several practical tips to improve your body.

While it’s important to reach hard for fitness goals, you need to listen to your body. You should only be doing exercises that are designed for your particular body type. This article is focused on helping people achieve their physical goals, especially people who don’t have a lot of time to go to the gym.

The Power of A Home Workout

One of the hardest parts of committing to working on your physique is finding a good exercise routine that’s appealing to you. For some of us, that means going to the gym and following the instructions of a personal trainer.

Others don’t have that luxury, or they prefer to do things their way. I am one of those.

And because of that, I have less space and fitness equipment available to me. Some might say I am at a disadvantage, but I disagree. Strength, size, and conditioning can all be trained without cable stacks or rowing machines. A power rack and some handy accessories are all that’s needed.

So here is my favorite back workout for at home. It’s designed to achieve maximum gains with minimal equipment. You just need a pull-up bar, a bench, a barbell, and some dumbbells. Oh, and you could also use a TRX or ring setup.


How To Use This Back Workout Routine?


This routine can be performed once or twice a week. You can use it for both strength building and conditioning. All you need to do is change the weight and rep range.

You can also swap out the dumbbells for a TRX if that’s what you have available. By sticking your barbell in a corner, you can do your single-arm rows landmine-style. Just don’t forget to protect the wall with a towel in the corner.

A crucial detail for this workout is to use the right rest periods. It was designed as a workout for one person and with minimal rest. You will have to increase the tempo If you are training with a gym partner.

Resting should be kept to less than 30 seconds between sets, and less than 2 minutes when changing exercises.


Exercise #1: Leaning Barbell Row

When you want to feel the burn in your upper back, rear delts and traps,  you should try to incorporate a few sets of this exercise. This is a great exercise to do in the middle of your workout routine because you should be able to use heavier weights than your warm-up and finishing exercises. The leaning barbell row is done with bent knees, and you should be bending at the waist.

Keep your back straight and use your legs to do some of the lifting. As you bring the barbell toward your body, make sure to keep focusing on your breath. Inhale and exhale throughout the exercise and try switching up the width of your grip to work on different muscles in your back.


Exercise #2: Pull-Up Variation #1

The regular pull-up starts with placing your hands on a horizontal bar. You should experiment with a few different grips to work on each part of your back. Keep your core firm, holding your abdomen in towards your spine, and maintain focus on your breathing.

Pull-ups are hard to perform in the beginning, but they’re worth practicing. This simple exercise is great for toning the muscles of your back. Most parks have places to do pull-ups, or you could install a horizontal bar in one of the doorways of your home.


Exercise #3: Pull-Up Variation #2

Try this variation of the pull-up when you get tired of doing the regular version. A bent-leg pull-up is designed to target the muscles of your back, and it will also improve your overall core strength. These pull-ups are harder to manage, but you should be able to gain control over your form after practicing for a few sessions.

In this variation, you must pull your knees and feet off the ground. Hold this form for the entire duration of your set. If you’re having trouble keeping your legs up, you could try lowering them in between each rep.


Exercise #4: Inverted Rowing

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In another variation of a rowing exercise, the inverted technique is designed to build endurance within the muscles of your back. To perform the inverted row, you’ll need to lay on a bench with a bar above your head. Place your hands on the bar and grasp firmly to pull your body toward the ceiling.

For the best result, pause for 3 seconds at the top of this exercise. You should squeeze the muscles of your back to reach the bar and pull the backs of your shoulder blades together when you do this movement. Be sure to work on finding a full range of motion.


Exercise #5: Finishing Exercise

In the moments when your muscles are completely exhausted, you will be able to do some of the most essential work. You should pick an outstanding finishing exercise that works the same muscle groups that you’ve been using throughout your entire routine.

Throughout finishing exercises, you should be focusing on using proper form. You should also be using a lighter amount of weight than you were using in previous exercises. However, it’s incredibly important to keep your heart rate up, and you should leave feeling like you’ve given the exercise as much effort as possible.

Here are some things to keep in mind when picking a finishing exercise:

  • The same areas as you have been working should be targeted
  • Lower the weight and choose safe movements to avoid injuries
  • Stay controlled and keep great form while also keeping your heart rate high
  • You can work on some of the smaller muscles that were missed during the heavy strength work.
  • The goal is to finish totally satisfied, super exhausted and maximally pumped.

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