Maximize Biceps Growth With Mechanical Drop Sets

Are you sick and tired of toiling away in the gym and still not seeing serious progress in your bi’s mass? If yes, you are far from alone. Studies show that bodybuilders encounter many difficulties when it comes to biceps training, and their biggest problem is targeting unresponsive bi’s.

Biceps can be exceptionally stubborn in some people and pushing them into growth requires unique training stimuli. Dumbbell curls simply won’t cut.

There are many ways to properly exhaust these muscles and cool outside-of-the-box techniques that can be used to break plateaus, but one of the most efficient yet rarely talked about method is simply doing mechanical drop sets.

What Are Mechanical Drop Sets?

If you’re struggling to acquire decent biceps gains, this type of drop sets are exactly what you need to break into new strength and size territory.

This technique will allow you to thoroughly train your muscles and create maximal stimulation for maximum growth. Based on the same idea on which drop sets are built, the goal of mechanical drop sets is to allow the trainee to continue performing an exercise EVEN when the point of muscle failure has been reached.

When you do regular drop sets, after reaching muscle failure you’d usually reduce the weight by 25 to 50% and continue performing reps until you reach it again.

However, in mechanical drop sets, instead of dropping the weight, you will make slight changes to the execution of the movement, which will allow you to squeeze out more reps using the same weight, and then .

What are these changes? It can be a different grip, foot stance, angle of movement, etc. The point is to introduce a new technical variation to your drop sets that will eventually help you exhaust your muscles more thoroughly by hitting them from all angles.

After doing a proper mechanical drop set you should feel like literally all of your bi’s strength has been used up. If this is not the case, you’re doing it wrong!

If you’re still not sure how to start, check out this awesome biceps workout and experience all the benefits of mechanical drop setting.

The workout


How to: Perform with your elbows on the steep side of the preacher bench, using either dumbbells or a straight bar. Once you reach failure, switch to the angled side of the bench. Go for 6-8 reps. Once you reach failure, take 10 seconds of rest as you change the angle of the bench.


How to: Perform the curl on the angled side of the preacher bench using either dumbbells or a straight bar. Use the same weight as in the first exercise and perform as many reps as you can, followed by 10 seconds of rest, then move directly to the next exercise.


How to: Using the same weight as in the exercises above, perform standing barbell curls for as many reps as you can, i.e. until you maximally fatigue your muscle fibers.

Hit your bi’s with protocols like this one and results will be visible sooner than you think… Good luck!

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