The 10 Lies About Fitness and Health You Should Stop Believing

Lie #6: You should not be training if you’re pregnant.

On the contrary, it actually very healthy and highly recommended for pregnant women to train regularly during their pregnancies, provided that they are not pushing themselves harder than they did when they weren’t pregnant.

Lie #7: Taking minerals, vitamins and all kinds of supplements will make you healthier.

Research has been piling up evidence that there is no need to take that many vitamins and supplements as the supplement companies and the pharmaceutical industry would have you believe. Your body needs vitamins and minerals, but if you are already eating a well-balanced diet, it’s very likely you already get all the essential things your body needs from the food you’re eating.

Lie #8: Doing lots of cardio (in any form) is the best way to lose the excess weight.

Metabolic resistance training has been repeatedly shown to be a far superior method of burning fat than jogging or running on a treadmill for hours on end. Metabolic resistance training is basically the same thing you do when doing classic weightlifting movements such as deadlifts, squats, overhead presses etc, only this time you’re doing them very quickly and at a near-maximal effort and with very little rest between sets. The way you accommodate for the fast pace is by switching up the movements between the big muscle groups so that one part of the body can temporarily rest while the other part is being trained.

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This type of training is incredibly hard and intense if done properly, however, it also has to last only 25-30 minutes, maybe even less, instead of the standard 45-60 minutes that you would normally spend running on the treadmill. And there’s another thing: if you start running on the treadmill in a steady state, the body will return to its normal metabolic rate in a couple of hours. This means that you will go back to burning the average amount of calories that you normally do. However, if you do metabolic resistance training, the post-training effect will last much longer, around 24-48 hours after you stop training.

Lie #9: Detox diets will cleanse your body of all toxins

Not true. That’s what you have your kidneys and liver for. You can read a lot on the Internet about what doing a juice cleanse does to the body and decide whether you want to try it out. When it comes to doing detox diets which involve eating actual food, you may be forced to eat more vegetables and fruits and more whole foods in general than you’d normally do, but you will still not be ridding your system of enough toxins. The only thing you’ll do is just eat a lot more veggies and fruits. And not many calories for that matter, depending on the type of diet.

Lie #10: Foods low in fat are better than those that have lots of it.

Many food products that have a low amount of fat are actually loaded with carbs and contain refined sugars added in them to make them taste better because the taste mainly comes from the high-fat content in their usual forms. Additionally, research has shown that fat, apart from trans-fat is not as dangerous as it was thought before. As long as you are not consuming too much, a little fat in your diet can be quite beneficial.

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