6 Strategies to Boost The Fat Burning Process

When it comes to losing weight, anything and everything has been, is being and will be posted on the internet, even information that is false or misleading. There aren’t any more dieting secrets and people are using different methods grouped together, especially ones that promise incredible results in a short time. However, this doesn’t mean that we have reached a full understanding of the ways to shred fat, and some things still remain under the surface. There are even some techniques that are used exclusively by bodybuilding professionals, while being disregarded or ignored by the majority of gym goers. Here are the six techniques you can use to shred fat really quickly.

Periodic Refeeds While On a Diet !

Eating less means burning less fat off your body, it’s just basic biology of the human metabolism mechanics. If you’re on a diet, your body will try everything within its range of possibilities to stop you and challenge your decision. This is because it is reacting to your lowered daily caloric intake by not functioning at the level it used to – meaning it burns fewer calories. This is known as “starvation mode” and it’s the natural way for the human body to react when given less carbs and calories than usual. When this happens, the body lessens its capacity to burn calories by reducing its levels of hormones that are necessary for boosting your metabolism.

These are hormones like Growth Hormone, leptin and thyroid hormones. If you want to avoid this scenario, be sure to include a day in your diet when you will spike your insulin, by eating a lot of fast-burning carbs. These are carbohydrates that can be found in fat-free muffins, Cream of Rice cereal with jam, bagels and of course, Pop Tarts. When you eat these, your body will believe the diet and with it the caloric deficit is over, and will boost your hormones back to normal. When this happens, your hormones and metabolism will normalize but there will be an added bonus: the hormones that are usually inhibited so that they won’t burn fat, will be set free to boost the fat-burning process in your system.

Consider going extremely low-carb now and then!

When you’ve hit your ceiling in weight loss, you will need to find a different approach to burn more. This is hard to do as even professional athletes and bodybuilders have trouble finding the correct approach, and they do this stuff for a living, not recreation! The problem with hitting a ceiling is that your metabolism becomes incredibly slow and even though it can sometimes be fixed with the previous “secret”, sometimes it can’t. This is the reason why sometimes we need some new stimuli in our body – if you’ve made your system accustomed to a certain training and eating plan by doing it over and over since forever, your body will adapt and stagnate. This is why you need to put new sources of stimuli in your body.

However, the same issue arises when you’re supposed to be cutting. If you don’t stimulate your body to lose its body fat, it won’t. That’s why you have to find the appropriate approach, and my suggestion is that you drop your carbs and calories to an extremely low level for two different days in the week. This means that on any two days of the week (with at least two days between them) you should eat as few as 50 to 70 grams of carbs. This will help because it will empty your glycogen stores which in turn will result in burning more fat. When your glycogen stores are empty, fat burning is drastically increased because glycogen is basically stored carbohydrates, only used when the body has no energy. When it uses them up, it burns fat for energy.


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