4 Ways Exercising Can Help Relieve Allergies

Allergies are a nuisance that can sometimes cause pain, stuffiness, itching and many other symptoms. Fortunately, many different activities such as exercise can help in many cases. Not only is exercise a great way to get your heart rate up, but is also a great way to clear your nasal passages and be able to breathe freely again. Here are just a few ways that exercising can help relieve your allergies and help you feel better in no time.

Working Out Releases Endorphins

One way that the exercising relieves allergies is by releasing endorphins. Endorphins are brain chemicals that eliminate pain and discomfort. Endorphins also take the credit for causing the athlete’s high that runners sometimes experience after they’ve run for a long time. Exercising for about 20 minutes will cause the release of such endorphins into the system helping you feel a lot better and get your mind off of your stuffy nose.


Exercise Boosts a Person’s Heart Rate

A good amount of exercise can increase you heart rate, which can help make you feel better and way more energized. This boosted heart rate will provide extra energy, which is something that a person needs while he or she is going through an allergic reaction of some kind. Cardiovascular exercises are the best exercises to get the heart pumping.

Examples of exercises that will work are running, jogging, stair stepping, boat rowing, rope jumping, treadmill walking, tennis, volleyball, basketball and so much more. All of those activities will lift the heart rate very quickly for the person. These different activities can help you burn calories and ultimately lose weight along with their anti-allergy effect.


Working out Opens up the Nose and Lungs

Exercise helps with allergy relief by opening up the very places that allergies cause such a disturbance. Allergies are good for closing up a person’s nose and causing breathing problems. Luckily a good workout session can cause the lungs and the nose to open up and relieve the sufferer of some of the discomforts that the allergies cause. It can also help complement any medication that you may be taking, such as Aerospan RX, for the best possible results.


Boost Immune System

Finally, exercise helps allergies by giving the immune system a boost. The very act of exercising causes the person’s white blood cells to circulate faster. That fast circulation reinforces the person’s ability to fight disease and illness.

Now you know of a few ways that exercise can help your allergy symptoms. You can also take vitamins and minerals as a preventive measure to try to keep the allergies at bay. Regular exercise will help you to keep the symptoms down to a minimum. You can perform regular exercise about three times a week for at least 20 minutes every day. That is definitely a good agenda for allergy management.

Author : Kara Masterson is a freelance writer from West Jordan, Utah. She graduated from the University of Utah and enjoys writing and spending time with her dog, Max

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