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5 Tempting Foods You Should Not Feel Guilty About

All nutritional guidelines function on the premises of nutritional value of certain foods, which ultimately leaves us with bad food options and good food options. This categorization of food is far from the real nutritional value of each item in question, and it does not represent the real picture. There is no such thing as overall good food or a bad one; in fact everything that is not eaten in moderation can be determined as a bad food.

Our bodies function on balance where above average consumption of certain food can destroy that fragile and balancing threshold and cause problems to our overall body functions.

As our bodies produce different levels of hormones for each process, they tolerate different quantities of food in more ways than one. For example, eating 10 chocolates will not provide the same nutritional value and effect to your body as eating 10 bananas. Therefore, there are certain types of foods that are considered seriously unhealthy but if consumed in normal recommended quantities, can improve the overall health factor.

So, let’s discover those tempting and delicious foods that we can consume and not feel guilty about them afterwards:

    1. Eggs

We really don’t understand from where eggs are getting that recent bad reputation. Numerous studies have published that frequent consummation of eggs can cause an increase in levels of cholesterol. That is far from the truth. In fact, eggs contain the entire needed spectrum of amino acids, the most essential nutrients for normal body functions and muscle building. Also, eggs are adequate substitute for vegetarians and their without-meat food regime. The nutritional value of eggs includes good quantities of vitamins, minerals and fats that provide a high level of satiety for the whole day.

    2. Red Meat

Another food option with significant amount of bad reputation is red meat. There are numerous claims out there that above average consummation of red meat can increase the risk of heart disease. Again, we need to promote the eating-in-moderation rule, where red meat if eaten in normal and recommended portions can provide your body with lots of healthy nutrients such as protein and iron. In fact, red meat in small portions is often used as a recommended food in many fat loss plans.

    3. Potatoes

Unfortunately, there aren’t many weight loss diet plans that promote potatoes in their allowed food regime, which is a dreadful mistake on its own. Potatoes have a very high nutritional value; they are loaded with potassium and vitamin C. The secret of consuming potatoes is embedded in the method of preparation, whereas if you boil them and eat them cold (of course in moderate quantities) you’ll help muscle building. On the other hand, eating French fries or chips will certainly qualify as a bad food choice.

   4. Fruit

It may come as a shock for some people, but fruit has a bad rep as well, mainly due to its high sugar content. In this case as well, the facts are far from the truth, fruits are one the richest nutritional food options with lots of vitamins, fiber and minerals that can help your weight loss process tremendously.

Also every time you get caught under those annoying sugar craving hunger moments, you can eat fruits in order to subside the cravings.

    5. Cheese

Cheese gets its bad rep because of the high amount of fat it has, but people are forgetting to mention the high amount of calcium found in cheese that does wonders for your whole body and especially for your bone density. Having moderate portions of cheese will increase your overall lifting performance as well.

The only thing that we all need to remember is that moderation is the key to a healthier lifestyle, and satisfying certain indulges can improve our consistency when we are in the process of dieting.

Having a slice of chocolate will not destroy all of our weight loss effects; it might even motivate us to stick to our plan.

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