6 Stretches You Need to Do If You’re Sitting All Day

3. Shoulder Opener


Since extended sitting hunches the back and pulls the shoulders inwards, shoulder opening exercises are very beneficial for the chest, shoulders, spine and back muscles.

Stand up straight, holding a rope or a belt in each hand behind your back. Slowly start raising your arms behind you as high as you can, pulling your shoulders back and together at the same time.

4. Low Cobra

Yoga Cobra Pose
The low cobra strengthens the back, opens the chest and stretches the hip flexors (the muscles that get very tight and stiff from being bent in a seated position).

Lie facedown with your body resting in one straight line. Press your forearms into the floor and pull your shoulders back as you raise your head up and bend your back backwards.

5. Star Reach

This is a very easy position that nicely stretches the whole body from head to toes, including the shoulders, chest, hips and knees, providing a great relief for those stiffened joints.

Stand with your legs slightly wider than hip width. Raise your arms high with palms facing forward. Spread your fingers and rise high on your toes.

6. Number 4 Sit

number 4
Among other things, the long hours of sitting can lead to atrophy of the piriformis, a tiny muscle located in the buttock region. This stretch can help you maintain its flexibility.

In a seated position, cross your right ankle over your left thigh. Use your right hand to apply a bit of pressure to the inside of your right knee, and then slightly lean forward until you feel a gentle stretch in your right piriformis.

Hold the stretch as you inhale. When you exhale, attempt to apply a bit more pressure and lean a half an inch farther forward into the stretch. Do the same with each breath. Switch sides and repeat.

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