FST-7 (Fascia Stretch Training 7) Workout Routine

There are so many different methods of training and various training programs out there, that knowing which one to follow can be a bit of a challenge. One program that has gotten a huge amount of attention lately, especially since it has been followed by two of the latest Mr Olympia winners, Phil Heath and Jay Cutler, is FST-7 training and here’s a more detailed look at this program.

Attention: FST7 is a very demanding, high volume routine that can only be handled by advanced lifters or lifters using enhancing drugs. Any natural lifter with average genetics will probably overtain in a matter of few weeks using this routine.

What exactly is FST-7? – FST7 stands for Fascia Strength Training, with the 7 representing a final seven sets of an exercise that is being followed for a specific body part. So, in basic terms, you will train that specific body part, the chest for example, on whichever day fits into your routine just as you would normally on any other day, keeping your typical rep range between 8 and 12 reps.

Things then become different because on the very last exercise that you’re performing for your chest, you’ll be performing 7 sets of around 8 – 12 reps, with very little rest in-between. The idea here is to stretch the fascia tissue, which we’ll look at shortly, and flood the muscles with as much nutrient rich blood as possible, to ensure that you get the best possible muscle pumps and to ensure your muscles look fuller.

What exactly is meant by “fascia” and is it affecting muscle growth? – The human body actually has three different types of various fascia, but the ones that could affect bodybuilders and those looking to build muscle are known as “deep fascia”. This is basically connective tissue surrounding the muscles, nerves, bones, and blood vessels that is extremely fibrous and dense.

Everybody has fascia of different thicknesses and sizes, but the thinner the fascia, the better and fuller the muscles appear to look. That’s why some bodybuilders will have thick and almost bubble-like muscles, whilst others will look flat and deflated. The flat and deflated bodybuilders are those with thicker fascia within their bodies. The best analogy that we can give you here is that the thinner the fascia, the easier it is for the muscles to blow up like a balloon.

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